Ringo Thinks You’re Awesome

If you’ve stopped by lately I’m sure you’ve noticed some changes. I’ve been working (slowly) to fancy-up my blog. The Junk House has a new background, a new header, and some added features. Now it’s about time for some new buttons! OK, so I only have 1 new button (so far), but I love it!

Please take one if you’ve been featured, name-dropped, listed on my blogroll, have been a sponsor, or are a regular commenter…because I we think you’re pretty cool.

So, what do you think of the new look and the new button?


  1. It looks great Sam...all fancy and stuff. You're moving on up. :-)

  2. Feature me! I want that button! ;)

  3. Ahhh I love it! I'm sooo stealing it for my side bar. I'd hate for my readers to think I'm anti-dog since I talk about Lucy so much. I bet if Lucy and Ringo met they would be friends. I shall hypothetically pretend that they are anyways. Cuz they're both cute. And fluffy. And rascally.

    I love how the blog has been looking! Now that you've done your buttons I gotta do mine too! Oh man.


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