#4 = Done, plus bonus!

4.       Touchup Paint in Master Bathroom
Yep, 1 down 15 to go!
And yes, it was the easiest one on the list. So easy that after I finished I was embarrassed I put it off for so long…
The bathroom paint has needed to be touched up for about 6 months. *hangs head in shame* The walls have serious texture, so a few spots were missed when we originally painted. And then we replaced the toilet. The tank ended up being smaller than the original, so you could see where we hadn’t quite got behind the toilet with a second coat. Fast forward 6 months and I finally got the roller out!
Note: The “after” pictures more accurately reflect the real wall color. I took most of these pictures at night, so some are a little sketchy. Such is life for a “by night DIYer” And I'm sure you'll notice that some of the "before" and "after" pictures aren't the exact same area - after I painted I couldn't find the original spot.

While I was at it I decided to touch up the hallway paint too. The walls got dinged when we moved the treadmill out of the master bedroom and then when we moved in some of my boyfriend’s furniture. So these spots have only been there for a couple months…not nearly as bad as the bathroom.

Note: The “before” pictures more accurately reflect the real wall color.

Yes, this post is only about touching up paint. Small victories!
I’m planning on having a couple projects done next week…we’ll see…


  1. i relish the small victories!!!
    yay for you.

    i swear, i can't even stand how cute the picture of the ringomeister is in the header.

    SO cute.

    btw, it's easy to just kind of get 'used' to the little things that need to be done, like touch ups. trust me, we've been doing renovations for 5 years beginning with an addition and then reconstruct of old part of house. still much to do......mostly odds and ends other than master bath construction. you wouldn't believe 'what' i've got used to living with.

  2. OMG! I hopped over from your comment love on my blog and my heart flipped when I saw Ringo! He's adorable!! We have a Queensland too and I realize I've left her out. Thanks for entering the HOOTS giveaway!

  3. Yay! Small victories! I think it's exciting. It's just sooooo much work to get out a paintbrush. And then dip it into the paint. And then brush it on the wall. And then put the paint lid back on. And then wash the brush.

    Seriously. I'd rather watch TV. or blog about what I need to do rather then actually doing it. lol.

    Yay for lists and motivation!


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