Pinterest Recipe Week

As you know, every Sunday I plan out dinner for the upcoming week.

Yesterday I decided this would be Pinterest Recipe Week! I planned out 5 dinners (we usually eat out Friday and Saturday) and 1 dessert from the recipes I’ve been pinning on Pinterest. I think it’s about time I finally start making all this stuff I’ve been pinning…maybe someday I’ll have Pinterest Craft Week…

Dinner List


Next Monday will be Pinterest Recipe Week Review. I’ll show off and review all the food I made. Hopefully there are some keepers in this batch.


  1. Looks good. I see you have some Our Best Bites recipes on there. One of my favorite site for recipes!

  2. Hey, the ringomeister made the header!! Love it! I am SO checking out that tortilla and black bean pie. Now, get cooking Sam!

  3. Great idea, although sadly I think everything food related I have pinned is either a) desert or b) humorously shaped, like penguins made of cocktail olives. I DO however, plan to actually do a few of the things on my Halloween and Christmas inspiration boards. Enjoy your week of delicious (hopefully) dinners!

  4. Oooo looking forward to your reviews! I hate cooking so I rarely try new things. No fun to work at cooking and then everyone hates it! Plus, I'm like Lakota... I'm pretty sure that everything on my pinterest "yum-yum" board is sweets. That Twix Cheesecake is probably on there... sounds like something I pinned recently!


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