Above My Skill Level

When I bought my house I knew the RV gate would need to be replaced soon. No sugar coatin’ – the thing was a piece of crap. I’d been planning to replace it for the last few months, but never got around to calling someone for an estimate. Then we got Ringo. And we knew that broken down fence wouldn’t keep our wild animal in.
I forgot to take a proper before picture, but these should give y’all an idea.

One night I’m looking at pictures of new RV gates,
My boyfriend:  “My dad can probably build that. I’ll call him tomorrow and ask.”
Me:  “Say whaaaa?! Just like this? The iron and wood and everything?”
BF: “Yeah, he has a welder.”
And that was that.

On Saturday the boys (my boyfriend, his dad, and his brothers) worked their buns off tearing down the old gate and hanging the new one. And on Sunday my boyfriend and I painted the gate and added the wood slats. Yep, I can only take credit for being an extra pair of hands and helping spray paint the gate and posts. Welding is not one of my skills.
Ready for amazingness?
The Front (and a peeking puppy)

The Back

Who knew you could fall in love with a gate?!
Material – around $300
(My boyfriend doesn’t track what every little thing costs like I do)
And I definitely owe my boyfriend’s dad dinner!

I can’t forget the most important thing: It keeps my little bear safely in the yard!


  1. That's awesome!!! That was soo nice of your boyfriend to ask and his dad to do it. :-)

  2. WOW! That looks amazing! You might have throw dessert in there too for the boyfriend's dad!


  3. AMAZING! I wish I knew someone that could weld! I'd love to make a simple metal base for a card catalog I just acquired. You're a lucky girl!

    Dana @ craftedniche

  4. I dunno I think that blackened and broken one was pretty cool... certainly had like a creepy halloween thing going...

    just kidding! hehe.

    I loveee the new fence! It looks great! I bet it's one of those where you feel like driving around the block in different directions just to see how great it must look to the neighborhood! Or maybe I'm the only one that does it. But alas. Puppy loves it! Good work! Yay!


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