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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Remember when I said last week that our foster dog Jelly was going to leave on Wednesday and we were super sad about it, but it was for the best? Well, Jelly is still here. We talked about it, weighed the pros/cons last weekend and decided that we couldn’t let her go…so we adopted her!

We’re officially outnumbered! My dad thinks were crazy for having three dogs (and maybe we are), but we completely fell in love with little Jelly and couldn’t stand the thought of not having her around. She gets along great with Abby and Ringo. She is not dominant at all and is perfectly fine being third banana in the house, so we haven’t had a single fight or even a scuffle.

She’s such a sweet and loving little girl. She loves cuddling on the couch and giving lots of good morning kisses. She seriously get so excited when we wake up. She also likes her alone time too though. She spends a lot of time outside by herself or just hanging out in her crate or under the guest bed. She’s definitely an easy dog and that was a big factor in our decision to keep her.

Jelly was found as a stray, so we don’t know very much about her past. She ended up on death row because of a cold, but luckily the rescue saved her from being euthanized. She was pulled from the pound in June 2015 and lived with the head of the rescue until recently. Then Jelly was moved into a boarding facility until another foster could be found or until the May transport left.
While she was in boarding she was attacked by another dog, which is where we come in. We wanted to take a long break after Macey, but we couldn’t say no to the desperate pleas to get her out of there. She’s all healed now, but still has some bald spots from a couple of the wounds. I think the hair will grow back eventually, but if not, it just adds to her quirky look. I seriously can't believe that in two years no one wanted to adopt this girl...I guess she was just meant to be ours!

We took her to the vet on Monday and he said that she’s part lab mixed with who knows what. She’s 35 pounds (half Ringo’s weight) and about 3 years old. I’m seriously considering getting one of those dog DNA kits to see what she’s mixed with…mostly just out of curiosity.

So that’s the story of how our family of four grew to five. We’re visiting my parents for a weekend at the end of June, so that’ll be our first test of traveling with an extra dog. As for fostering, we might try again in the future, but we’re definitely going to take a long break while we figure out our new routine/dynamic. Anyone else have more than two dogs? Are we crazy? Don’t answer that!


Friday Five

Friday, May 19, 2017

One – Jelly

Our sweet foster dog Jelly leaves on Wednesday and I’m so sad. She’s such a great little dog and she gets along with Ringo and Abby really well. We were seriously considering keeping her, but I just don’t think three dogs will work out long term. We probably wouldn’t be able to foster anymore and it would be harder to travel with another dog. It was a really difficult decision, but I think it’s for the best (I hope). I already know that I’m going to be a complete mess when we drop her off.

The rescue that we work with is still in need of donations for the transport (Jelly plus 40+ other dogs are headed to the Pacific Northwest), so if you are interested in donating, you can do so here. Every little bit helps!

Two – Vegetable Garden

Adam and I started a vegetable garden back in March. We planted tomatoes, bell pepper, and jalapenos. We had a bit of a rough start (the tomatoes almost died) and we lost one plant to a digging dog, but it seems like our hard work is paying off. Our tomato plants actually have tomatoes on them! I noticed the baby tomatoes earlier this week and we were both so excited to see something actually happening. I can’t wait to eat the first tomato from our garden (hopefully they keep growing)! If anyone has any vegetable garden advice, let me know!

Three – Stomach Bug

Earlier this week I was completely wiped out by a stomach bug. I woke up super sick late Monday night and couldn’t even keep down a sip water until late Tuesday morning. It was rough! We spent last weekend with Adam’s family and all of them got it too. Adam said sick Tuesday night, but he didn’t get hit as bad as the rest of us. Thankfully I’m feeling better now – mostly just a little dehydrated.

Four –  Phoenix Zoo

A couple weekends ago my friend Michelle and I went to the Phoenix Zoo. Her annual pass expires at the end of the month and I promised to go with her one last time before then. We went early in the morning before it got too hot out and it was a lot of fun (although it was still hot). We ended up being the first in line to feed the giraffes that day. That’s definitely my favorite part of the zoo!

Five – Big Little Lies

While Adam and I were home sick on Wednesday we started watching Big Little Lies. I’ve been begging him to watch it with me since I started, but he wasn’t really interested. When his family was here visiting last weekend his brother and sister-in-law started talking about it and they convinced him to give it a chance. We have three episodes left, so we’ll probably finish it this weekend. I like it so far…no spoilers!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Anything fun planned? I’m going to a baby shower on Saturday and then we’re going to see The Book of Mormon on Sunday! I’m so excited! I’ve been wanting to see it for so long!

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ORC Week 6 – Garage Reveal Delayed

Thursday, May 11, 2017

It’s the sixth and final week of the One Room Challenge, which means it’s reveal day! Did you see the official participants finished rooms yesterday? If not, check them out here. You can also see all of the linking participants finished room here. I’m so excited to go through all of them! There were some amazing projects going on this round.

Unfortunately I don’t have a completed garage to share with you all today. Our entire makeover got derailed due to shipping delays. As I mentioned last week, the epoxy kits for our floors were damaged in shipping. After some drama with that order, I reordered from another store. The kits arrived on Monday and one of them was damaged, so I returned that one and ordered another kit. The second kit is supposed to be here tomorrow, so we should be able to finish the floors this weekend. Please send good vibes our way for tomorrow’s delivery. If another kit gets damaged, I’m seriously going to lose it.

Anyway, let’s focus on the positives and talk about the progress that we’ve made over the past six weeks. This is what our garage looked like when we started this project.

It was a serious mess so we spent the first couple weeks cleaning it out. We painted the walls a fresh coat of white and painted the door red to match our front door. We also moved everything out of the garage in preparation for our DIY epoxy floors. So, this is where we are at today – a freshly painted, empty garage (ignore the streaky door - it's just the lighting). 

I created a little entry area by the door to the laundry room. As you can see, it was a total mess before, but now we have a place to hang jackets, leashes and reusable shopping bags. I’m debating adding another hook, but they only come in sets of 3 so I’m not sure if it’s worth it. I’m not 100% sure on the rug and I’ll probably add some art above the hooks, but this area is pretty much done besides that.

Although it’s not noticeable in pictures, we also updated the lighting. We had an electrician replace the single bulb that was hanging before and add two additional lights. It’s so nice to have the extra light in here now. I also replaced the beige switch and outlets with new white ones.

That’s really as far as we were able to get on this project without finished floors. So just imagine gray speckled epoxy floors, a workbench and pegboard on the left side, and storage on the right – with enough room for both of us to park our cars. It’s going to look so good! I’ll add a floor update to this post when they’re done…hopefully this weekend! 

I want to thank Linda for hosting the One Room Challenge. Although we didn’t finish, we’ve made so much more progress than we would have without the challenge. Let’s be honest, the garage would still look like the before pictures and I’d still be parking outside. Even though the challenge is over, we’re going to keep working on the garage, so hopefully I’ll have an actual reveal soon!

*Update 6/13/17: The floors are done! Read all about them here



ORC Week 5 – It’s Electric!

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Welcome to Week 5 of the One Room Challenge! It’s the final week before the big reveal and I have very little to show you. 

We were supposed to epoxy the floors over the weekend, but our delivery was delayed. The epoxy kits that we ordered from Home Depot were scheduled to arrive last Thursday, but apparently they were damaged in shipping. I wasn't super happy with the way customer service handled the issue, so I’ve cancelled that order and reordered the kits from Wal-Mart. They won’t be here until Monday and it’s a multi-day process so the floors will definitely not be done before next week’s reveal post. So, that totally screwed up our weekend plans and my whole makeover timeline.

OK, before I start getting annoyed about the floors again, let’s talk about the progress that we have made. As you can see above, the garage is empty. We thought we would be working on the floors last weekend, so we emptied everything out in preparation. Of course it turns out we didn’t need to do that yet and we’re living with a huge mess in the house for another week. No joke – look at our guest bathroom tub! Even Ringo and Abby are annoyed by the mess (Ringo likes to sleep in the tub).

We had an electrician come yesterday to update the lighting in the garage. Previously, there was a single bulb lighting the space, which was not effective. We had the electrician add two additional lights to the garage and replaced the single bulb “fixture” with an actual light. The new lights are integrated LEDs so no bulbs are required. Unfortunately, one of the fixtures was cracked so it didn’t get installed, but we have the wiring set up so we’ll have it installed by next week. 

So for the reveal next week, I hoping to have the entry area complete and the pegboard installed. Pretty much everything else has to wait until the floors are complete, so I’ll have to post an update when they’re done. 

Don’t forget to check out the official participants here and other linking participants here! One more week!

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