A New Addition #fosterfail

Remember when I said last week that our foster dog Jelly was going to leave on Wednesday and we were super sad about it, but it was for the best? Well, Jelly is still here. We talked about it, weighed the pros/cons last weekend and decided that we couldn’t let her go…so we adopted her!

We’re officially outnumbered! My dad thinks were crazy for having three dogs (and maybe we are), but we completely fell in love with little Jelly and couldn’t stand the thought of not having her around. She gets along great with Abby and Ringo. She is not dominant at all and is perfectly fine being third banana in the house, so we haven’t had a single fight or even a scuffle.

She’s such a sweet and loving little girl. She loves cuddling on the couch and giving lots of good morning kisses. She seriously get so excited when we wake up. She also likes her alone time too though. She spends a lot of time outside by herself or just hanging out in her crate or under the guest bed. She’s definitely an easy dog and that was a big factor in our decision to keep her.

Jelly was found as a stray, so we don’t know very much about her past. She ended up on death row because of a cold, but luckily the rescue saved her from being euthanized. She was pulled from the pound in June 2015 and lived with the head of the rescue until recently. Then Jelly was moved into a boarding facility until another foster could be found or until the May transport left.
While she was in boarding she was attacked by another dog, which is where we come in. We wanted to take a long break after Macey, but we couldn’t say no to the desperate pleas to get her out of there. She’s all healed now, but still has some bald spots from a couple of the wounds. I think the hair will grow back eventually, but if not, it just adds to her quirky look. I seriously can't believe that in two years no one wanted to adopt this girl...I guess she was just meant to be ours!

We took her to the vet on Monday and he said that she’s part lab mixed with who knows what. She’s 35 pounds (half Ringo’s weight) and about 3 years old. I’m seriously considering getting one of those dog DNA kits to see what she’s mixed with…mostly just out of curiosity.

So that’s the story of how our family of four grew to five. We’re visiting my parents for a weekend at the end of June, so that’ll be our first test of traveling with an extra dog. As for fostering, we might try again in the future, but we’re definitely going to take a long break while we figure out our new routine/dynamic. Anyone else have more than two dogs? Are we crazy? Don’t answer that!



  1. Jelly looks like such a sweatheart! Congrats on the newest addition to your dog family :-)

  2. OMG! The cutest! You are such a good doggy mom! I love it!

  3. We have two big dogs and one cat. That is enough for us :) Dakota our Bernese mountain dog is 100 pounds and Lucy our standard goldendoodle is 80 pounds - so pound wise we just might be even. My hats off to you and fostering. I have friends that regularly foster dogs and cats and it is not an easy job.

  4. What a sweetie! It's hard not to fall in love!

  5. So awesome!! Everything happens for a reason and apparently Jelly needed your family :) Love that it all worked out!


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