Pinterest Recipe Week Review

Last Monday I announced that I was only going to cook Pinterest recipes for dinner for the week.  Everything turned out pretty good, but I only ended up with a few “keepers”.  Before I crap on any recipes I want to say that these are just our opinions.  You might like something we didn’t and vice versa. That’s what makes food (and life) fun; everyone is different.

All recipes have been pinned here.

Monday Night:

Biting into the bacon wrapped chicken bites was like a little taste of heaven! Seriously, these were good. My boyfriend said they were good, but unhealthy…duh! It’s wrapped in bacon! I definitely wasn’t going for healthy with this recipe…that’s what the pear in the picture is for.

Cooking Note: I used orange juice instead of lemon juice. And when I went to flip them half way through the cook time they were swimming in fat and juices, so I took them out and replaced the foil.

The potatoes were good, but nothing special. I prefer onion soup mix.

Tuesday Night:

I made some substitutions on this one. I used pinto beans instead of black beans (my bf doesn’t like black beans) and I replaced the corn with extra lean ground beef (I’m allergic to corn*). I thought this turned out pretty good, but I don’t know if I’d make it again. I have a binder full of amazing recipes and I just don’t know if this makes the cut.

*I still eat products made with corn (I refuse to give up tortilla chips), but I try not to eat whole corn.

Wednesday Night:

I dropped the ball with the roasted red pepper-garlic sauce…maybe that’s why it was just OK. I didn’t buy whole garlic because I figured I could just use my jarred minced garlic…wrong! And maybe it was just me, but my sauce took FOR-EV-ER to reduce. I was hungry and getting annoyed…maybe that’s also why I thought it was just OK.

I love, love, lurve these mashed potatoes! They are so creamy I want to bathe in them…OK maybe not, but they are gooood! Oh, and unless you are feeding an army, you don’t need to make the full recipe!

Thursday Night

No Picture =(

The shrimp is definitely a keeper! Yum Yum! I only marinated the shrimp for an hour…I don’t plan far enough ahead to marinate 24-48 hours…maybe next time. Anyway, the shrimp had great flavor and was really quick to make (not including marinating time).

However, we did not like the rice at all. I prefer my rice sticky and this made the rice too mushy for my taste. My boyfriend didn’t like the flavor.

Sunday Night

I liked the sandwich…it was tasty. It was also really quick and easy to make. My boyfriend said, “It’s good, but not the best sandwich I’ve ever had.” That’s probably true, but it was still yummy.

The fries were good, but nothing special. They turned out just like any other baked fries recipe.


It’s cheesecake, so it was gooood. End of story.

The recipes that earned a spot in my infamous binder are:

Has anyone else tried a recipe they pinned?


  1. Great idea for a post, it all looks good but that Twix cheesecake...YUM! I am visiting from Homemaker on a Dime and I am a new follower!!!
    I hope you are having a great day!

  2. I see several of these that I would love to try! And I think this Pinterest recipe week was a brilliant idea!! Thanks for sharing! Off to pin... :)

  3. Hi But this is a yummy post! I coming to Dinner!!! Brilliant idea, I need to go see what is waiting for me on my pinteresrt board called Tastebud!!


    Tassels Twigs and Tastebuds

  4. oh I love this! I have so many recipes I have pinned before. I don't know if I've tried any yet. I've got my eye on a pumpkin muffin though! Thanks so much for linking up!

  5. Love your ideas! I am going to have to try some of these. Thank you for sharing - can't wait to see more!

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