The List - 16 Projects

Y’all know that I like making lists…and reading other people’s lists.
A few weeks ago Allison at House of Hepworths shared her list of projects she should have finished by now. Apparently it’s been a major motivation because she’s already finished 6 of the 24 projects! I need that kind of motivation!
And so: 16 Projects To Get Workin’ On
(in no particular order)
1.       Headboard for Master Bedroom - Complete

2.       Mount TV on Bedroom Wall - Complete

3.       Spray Paint Bathroom Vent - Complete

4.       Touchup Paint in Master Bathroom - Complete

5.       Replace Missing Master Bathroom Vanity Drawer

6.       Add Towel Bar in Master Bathroom - Complete

7.       Sew Kitchen Curtains - Complete

8.       Make/Hang Kitchen Artwork - Complete

9.       Decorate the Mantle - Complete

10.   Expand Gallery Wall - Complete

11.   Add Baseboard to Living Room

12.   Paint Stripes in Office

13.   Paint Desk - Complete

14.   Landscape Planter in Front Yard

15.   Clear and River Rock the Pool Area

16.   Gravel Back Section of Yard

And yes, I probably could have finished a couple of those projects in the amount of time it took me to take all these pictures and write a post.
And no, I haven’t forgotten about the 2 other projects that are still on my “upcoming” list from a couple weeks ago. Those are still in-work.

OK, who’s taking bets on how long it takes me to finish all of these?


  1. I love the idea of having a list of projects, although i think i would scare myself silly with the amount on my list! Good luck on all your projects. Scarlett x

  2. It's always nice having lists - and even easy things on the list - because then you always feel like you accomplish a lot when you get to cross them off!! I was rooting for you - like spray painting the vent - I was thinking yeah you got this girl, even on a bad day when you have no time, you can get this done!!! :)

    I love seeing your updates!

    Brie @ BreezyPinkDaisies


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