Weekend Paint

I don’t have any junk to show off today because I spent the whole weekend painting. My mom came down to help me paint my kitchen/dining room/living room/hallway area. Everything was filthy white except the front door wall/half of the halfway which is a tan/gold/orange color. We didn’t get to the ugly tan walls, but the rest turned out great. However, I’m only going to show the “before” pictures today (and a preview). Tomorrow I’ll show off the “after” pictures.
I wish I would have taken some pictures of the walls up close because they were filthy. I could have lived with the boring white walls if they didn’t look so beat up. How do you get scuff marks 6’ up on the wall?!
Before - Kitchen

Before – Laundry/Pantry Wall

Before – Living Room

Before – Living Room

Preview – New Color

It's amazing how different the same color can look in different lighting.
I have no f-ing idea what this color is called. When we took the color card to get the paint mixed we accidently left the card (or the paint guy jacked the card). My mom and I tried to look through the colors to see if we recognized the name, but no…so we’ll call this Mystery Neutral.

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