Weekend Junk #7

I shopped ‘til I dropped on Saturday. I hit up most of the thrift stores in the area and found some serious goodies. There was some stalking involved…don’t judge me! I’ll explain below.
The Goods

Table – Salvation Army  $9.99 $5.48
Paper Towel Holder – Deseret Industries $1.00

Frame – Savers $1.99
Mercury Glass Candleholder – Goodwill $3.99
Small Bird with Crown – Michael’s HALF-OFF

Wood Candlesticks – Goodwill $1.99 each
Large Bird with Crown – Michael’s HALF-OFF

Frame - Deseret Industries $3.00
Vase – Goodwill $3.99

So which item did I have to stalk someone to get? The vase!

Have you ever been shopping and seen someone carrying something you really want? So you follow them around hoping they’ll change their mind and set it down? Or is this just me?
I was wandering around the knick knack/houseware section of Goodwill and I saw a lady carrying that vase. I wanted it immediately. I cursed myself for spending too long looking at other things and missing out on that piece. So, I did what any normal person would do...I followed her around. I stayed on the opposite side of the shelf so I wasn’t too obvious, but close enough that I could jump on it if she changed her mind. And guess what? She put it down and walked away! I grabbed it and ran to the cashier before anything could happen to it.
I know. I’m weird. But this weirdo has a fancy-schmancy vase to show for it!



  1. love them all, the birds are super cute.

  2. I don't think I can say ive ever followed someone, however ive called them every name in the book, in my head as I walk to the register with my uncool stash of goods. Haha.

    Love the frames. Of course I would... im obsessed with frames.

  3. Great pieces!!! I am kind of stalkerish too, I am always looking to see what everyone else has too!


  4. You're so funny! I love the stalking story. Great finds. What a steal on that table!

  5. Lol!! I've never done that before. I guess I don't pay that much attention to what others have in their hands or baskets. Maybe I should be.....thanks for linking this up with my Show and Share party.

  6. LOL - I did stalk someone at Target during the after Christmas sales. She had the last of an item I wanted so I did the same thing and lucky for me she changed her mind and put them down. Pretty vase :)


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