Weekend Junk #6

I spent all last week planning an epic thrifting Saturday, but I woke up that morning feeling grumpy and tired. And it was raining. So, my thrifting trip ended up being kind of lame…only a few good finds.

Mirror/Candle Wall Art – Savers $3.99
Firewood Holder – Salvation Army $3.60
Ann Taylor Loft Shirt – Savers $6.99

I don’t usually include the clothes I buy, but I had to show off the awesome detail on this shirt.
Also, what do y’all think about painting the mirror/candle thingy black? Or are you diggin’ the silver?
Did anyone have better luck shopping this weekend?


  1. Love the detail on the shirt. For the candle, I think it would depend on the color of the wall you are putting it on. I just used a cream on a dk green wall and it just pops!

  2. Looks pretty! I'd say pretty good for not feeling up to it. I can't wait to thrift shop!

  3. Nice finds! I didn't get to hit the yardsales this weekend. I still have the shakes as I type this........lol

  4. Great finds, I really like the purple top!


  5. Great finds! I especially love the candle holder. How fun!

  6. I'm for sure diggin' the silver :)


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