“Just Don’t Paint It White”

Alternate Title: The 5 Words That Made Me Gasp

I love, love, love white furniture. I’d paint everything white if I could. OK, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but I love me some white furniture. So imagine my surprise when I find out my boyfriend is anti-white and pro-oak…ugh!
Here’s the story: I’m creepin’ through Ana White’s build-plans and find an entertainment center I want to build.

It starts with just this simple bottom piece. Easy peasy!

So, I send the link to my boyfriend telling him I want to build this. By now he’s scared every time I send him something because he knows it’s another project I’ve found and want help with. But he sees how easy it looks and agrees to help. But then our convo takes a nasty turn:
bf: OK, just don’t paint it white.
me: Why the hell not?
bf: It wouldn’t look good white.
me: Bullshizzy it wouldn’t!
So, I send him a couple pictures of white entertainment centers to prove him wrong.

But he's still meh about white entertainment centers and furniture in general. I’m honestly surprised that he cares about decorating at all.
So, my question is: Do any of you have opinionated significant others when it comes to decorating? How do you compromise?
I should also add that I’m an only child, so sharing and compromising are NOT my strong points!


  1. I pretty much make all the last calls. Right now I am weeks away from painting our very lovely oak kitchen cabinets white. I couldn't care less about what anyone thinks about it! I know that it's going to look amazing and that's that!

  2. I paint it white anyway!! haha. Do it, I love white.

  3. Who's house is it? Who lives there? My husband has his opinion, but when I listen to it, I never like how it turned out. So it's me for the inside, him for the outside.

  4. Oh, yes.. we're currently in a disagreement about speakers, size and color. I'm really not wanting them to stand out and said we'll have to figure out how to paint them.
    It's hard to find compromises sometimes. Lately we have been going with ideas I've had for a long time and once it's all done he'll say he should have listened to me a long time ago, it looks great. And we've been married for almost fifteen years.
    I'm not sure if I really answered you. :) Some things I really put my foot down about and say trust me, just wait to see the finished product.
    It's also cheaper to buy wood you can paint rather than a nicer wood for staining.
    Good luck with the white... I hope you get your heart's desire.

  5. the best-selling line i used to promote painting so much stuff white in our house?

    it doesn't show dust as much as wood

    andiejaye@ http://crayonfreckles.blogspot.com

  6. My husband was also very skeptical when I told him I wanted to paint a TV stand white...well, at first we were looking to buy one, but then I found one at Goodwill to makeover - and since it was cheap, he didn't mind me trying to paint it white. Now that it's done and in our living room, I think he loves it! :) I'm also in the process of painting a little side coffee table - it really shouldn't be taking me so long...but it is!

    Brie @ BreezyPinkDaisies (Pictures of my TV stand here if you haven't see it!)

  7. Haha...pro-oak! That's funny! I also love white and when I paint something to resell - white is always the thing that sells the fastest!



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