After Work Junk

I’m sure y’all noticed that there wasn’t a Weekend Junk post on Monday. I didn’t do any shopping last weekend because of the holiday. So after work yesterday I stopped by one of my favorite thrift shops, East Valley Lutheran Thrift, to look around. Let me show you the goods:

Wood Candleholder $1.00

Pair of Wood/Mirror Sconces $7.00 $1.75

Mirror $15.00
I was so excited when I found the mirror! I ripped it off the wall and ran to the register!
I haven’t decided where I want to hang it or what color to paint it yet. It reminds me of this $349 Z Gallerie mirror:

I’ll probably end up painting it white or aqua (similar to my stenciled tray).


  1. okay so i'm extremely jealous about that mirror...i'm in LOVE with it! Why don't I ever have as much luck as you?

  2. I love the mirror!! It's a great find.

  3. That mirror is a fabulous find! Good for you.


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