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Long ago (ok, in March) I wrote about my plans for the guest bedroom. I shared that I planned to move my full-size bed into the guest room and then buy a bigger bed for the master bedroom. I debated between getting a queen or a king, but everyone suggested a king. So, yesterday I took a little trip to Sleep America and bought a king-size Sealy plush euro pillowtop!
(not the exact model, but similar)
Normally I’m all about buying used and cheap (anyone want to make a dirty joke out of that?), but I refuse to buy a used mattress. Have you read about all the dead skin cells, dust mites, and other icky stuff that ends up in mattresses? Yuck. No thanks! Anyway, it’s getting delivered later today and I can’t wait to sleep on it!
Hopefully I get a good night’s sleep because tomorrow my mom and I plan to shop until we drop! My mom came down Thursday after work and will be here until Monday or Tuesday. We have a lot planned!
As we speak my mom is painting the rest of my living room. See that ugly tan/gold color in the background? My mom is taking care of that today!

We also plan to:
Paint the trim and doors in the kitchen/dining room/living room area

Paint the icky blue bathroom (aka the crime scene bathroom)

Paint the guest bedroom

And yard sale/thrift our faces off!
I’m hoping to have an awesome Weekend Junk feature on Monday and freshly painted rooms to show off on Tuesday! Anyone else have any big weekend plans?

And because everyone is talking about it, I think Kate looked gorgeous! Love the dress!
*I didn't watch the wedding because of that little thing called work (and the fact that it was on at 1 a.m.)

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  1. Love the dress too! Chalk paint giveaway going on at my place.


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