London/Paris Calendar Art

As most of you know, my mom and I are headed to London and Paris in September. We are both REALLY excited about our trip and have been talking about it nonstop. So when I saw this famous cities/travel-inspired art project at Young House Love I immediately decided that I wanted to hang the same prints in my own home.

Luckily I saw their post right away, so I was able to order the same calendar before they were sold out. The calendar features 12 different cities, but I really only needed two for this project. I decided to go with London and Paris in celebration of our upcoming trip. Although not featured in this post, I do still want to hang the Tokyo print – I’ve been there plus my dad is from Japan.

Anyway, I had the calendar so now I just needed the frames. An 8x10 opening fits the prints almost perfectly - it does cut off a tiny bit of the London picture, but not enough to justify cutting custom mats. I had originally planned on using IKEA frames like John and Sherry, but I decided that they would have been too small for my space. Luckily Michael’s had all of their frames on sale for 40%-off plus there was a coupon for an additional 25%-off! The frames I bought were originally $29.99/each, but after discounts I only paid $13.50/each. This is what they originally looked like:

After I painted the frames white (Krylon Paint + Primer White Satin) and removed the black part of the mat I added the pages from the calendar and voilĂ :  

I got almost an additional half inch of space from removing the black part of the mat, so less of the London print ended up getting cut off. Yay!

I absolutely love my new art and now I’m even more excited to see these places in person.
Thanks YHL for the inspiration!


  1. They are truly cute adn love the sentimentallity of it! interesting to know your dad is from Japan Sam, Is he Japanese? :-)

  2. Omg. I can't wait for your trip. I'm going to live vicariously through you. I keep hoping you'll have like a "Midnight in Paris" movie moment and meet like Hemingway and Picasso. .. hehe. Please send me a postcard to frame and put up as a shrine. .. or I mean... momento....

    Yay! ! Office!!!

  3. How cute! I love these prints and I love YHL :)

  4. This turned out so great!!!! I am not going to be on the lookout for cute outdated calendars! I love what you can do with them :)


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