Fancy New Kitchen Faucet

A couple months ago I mentioned that I had one kitchen project left and then I was going to move on to another room. I still want to add a backsplash and update the artwork, but for now I’m done working on the kitchen.
The last project I wanted to get done before calling it quits was installing a new faucet. I forgot to take a proper before picture, but you can see my old faucet in this picture:

It looked a lot like this one:

It worked fine, but I hated the two knobs (as opposed to one lever) and it didn’t have a sprayer - plus it looked cheap. After searching around, I decided that I wanted one of those faucets with the pull out spray head…until I realized they are like $200! There was no way I was going to spend that much on a kitchen faucet, but I lucked out and a couple weeks later had a sale on select faucets – 10%-off plus there was a 10%-off coupon that you could use on top of the promotional discount!
I’d been eyeing this Kraus single lever, pull out kitchen faucet (in satin nickel) for a couple weeks because it had great reviews and the price was somewhat reasonable (before the discounts). After the discounts it was a steal for that type of faucet, so I jumped on the deal.

And then it just sat in the box on the kitchen counter for a couple months (you can see the delivery date was March 7th). I finally convinced my boyfriend to install it for me last week…and I’m completely in love (with my boyfriend and the faucet).

Not only is it 100x more functional, it makes the kitchen look more updated!  Seriously, doesn’t the entire room look so much more modern with the new faucet?!

I don’t have any installation tips for you guys because my boyfriend did it while I was at work, but he said it was pretty easy and only took about 30 minutes. We’ve only been using the faucet for about a week and a half, but so far I’m completely happy with my purchase and would recommend it to anyone looking for this type of kitchen faucet.

And with that, I only have a few items left on the kitchen to-do list. I’m hoping to find some new potholders and towels this weekend, so I can share some “after…for now” pictures of the kitchen next week.

To-Do List:
Add backsplash
Replace faucet
Update kitchen artwork
Create “Eat” sign
Create sign for above sink (to replace bon app├ętit sign)
Add accessories: potholders, towels, bamboo utensils/crock, oil/vinegar bottles


  1. Awwwwwwww! I love it! It looks so fabulous! I am loving the kitchen so far (plus you have kept your plants alive, something I struggle with) and it looks great! I agree it definitely does add a more updated and modern feel to the space. I love how you are making these little changes to make the house really reflect your personality. Awesome!


  2. That's a great faucet: it's tall enough to get large pots cleaned too!

  3. The faucet looks great! What an easy update that has a lot of impact. And you scored an awesome deal on it! I might have to do this in my kitchen soon.

  4. Looks fantastic! I think we have the same one. You'll love it!

  5. It looks so nice!!! I bet you are loving it and what a great deal you got too!

  6. The faucet definitely a standout in your kitchen, Sam! It's pretty, modern looking and immediately blends in with your kitchen environment as if it's the original faucet. Anyway, just a little thing to do and you'll finally finish this all. Good luck!

    --->Levi Eslinger


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