2012 Photobook…Finally!

Five months into 2013 and I’m just now putting together my 2012 photobook…I’m a slacker, I know. Honestly, they take a lot of time to put together and I just haven’t felt like putting in the effort. But I don’t want to get behind on them, so I finally got my pictures together and got started.
In the past I’ve used My Publisher and Shutterfly (you can see my New Orleans and 2011 photobooks here), but this time I decided to try Mixbook. I bought a Groupon for Mixbook last year and it already expired (bad, I know), but it’s still worth the $15 I paid, so I decided I might as well use that up and not completely lose my money.
I went with the ‘Everyday Chalkboard’ layout and an 8.5x8.5” hardcover book. Of course my two favorite critters are on the cover:

Pages range from a day at the lake to a day at Disneyland:

I’ve finally hit the age where there’s a wedding or baby shower almost every month, so of course those memories had to be included:

I wasn’t very good about taking pictures last year, so Christmas is the only holiday in the book. Ringo thought it was the greatest day ever.

Of course Ringo and Abby get their own spreads. Abby was born in 2012, so it was fun to look back and see how much she’s grown.

2012 was the year of Instagram, so I had to dedicate two pages to my favorite shots of the year.

I can’t wait until my book arrives! I’m going to put it on the coffee table, so we can enjoy these pictures whenever we want.
One of these days I’m going to start creating photobooks from some of my old pictures. They are so much easier to store and enjoy than giant photo albums.
Have you made any photobooks? What is your favorite site?  


  1. aw so many cute puppy pictures! My favorite photo book site is Picaboo - they have nice layouts but also fully customizable. I love this chalkboard layout you used!!

  2. Love it!!!

    hey, Lucan has the same long purple dog as abby!

    too much fun in one year Sam

  3. Nice! Yeah, I used Mixbook before and really liked it.


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