Charcoal Gray Sectional

After months of searching and another month waiting for it to be made, my sectional is finally here! And I couldn’t be happier!

It’s the Broyhill Ethan sectional with a customized layout and fabric. I bought it from a local store called At Home Furnishings. They were friendly and gave me a pretty good deal - I highly recommend them.
I ended up spending about $500 more than planned, but it’s exactly what I wanted plus it’s better quality than I originally planned on buying, so it was worth it. AND I already had the extra money saved up, so I didn’t have to charge more than I could afford (which I wouldn't have done anyway).  
Plus I was getting sick of looking around. I didn’t have the best shopping experience at a few stores, so I was pretty much over the whole buying process. I think maybe because I’m young some stores didn’t take me seriously. In a few stores I had sales people walk right past me to other customers and offer them help instead of me.  One sales lady very rudely told me they didn’t have what I was looking for and walked off. It was pretty crazy!

Anyway, I’m so happy with my new sectional! It fits the room so much better and now we have a lot more seating. Plus now there’s room for all of us to lie down – we spent about 7 hours on Saturday bumming around on the couch watching a Law & Order SVU marathon and it was amazing.
If you’re wondering what happened to my old couch, I put it on the curb with a free sign and put a curb alert listing on Craigslist. It was gone by the next morning.
Now that I have the main piece of furniture crossed off the list, I can really get moving on the living room makeover. I’ve already ordered a new rug!
Find sectional
Replace arm chair
Buy rug
Find coffee table
Sew throw pillows
Buy garden stool
Style entertainment center shelves
DIY abstract art
Re-paint console table?
Buy large plant/pot
Paint China Hutch
Decorate fireplace mantle
Sew curtains
DIY card catalog


  1. Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!! I'm so jealous I loveeeeeee it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. looks great Sam!!!! Glad your happy!

  3. Nice couch! Plus you are right about it fitting the room really well. At least it looks that way from the pictures

  4. I just want you to know I've been stalking on your couch. I think I have a homedecorCrush on it.

    No lie.

  5. I love this sectional and recently bought one in a similar color! Do you remember if the legs were detachable or what size door you had to for it through! Can't wait to have movie marathons, as long as it fits through my basement door! Yikes :)

    1. I don't think the legs are detachable, but it fit through my standard-size front door without any problems. Enjoy your new sectional!

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