Front Porch Planters

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Now that the weather is starting to heat up (we’ve already had a few 100°+ days), it’s time to get the yard cleaned up and ready for summer before it gets too hot to work outside. The planters on my front porch have been pretty pitiful looking since frost (and lack of watering) killed my poor flowers.
I’d say it’s time for some new flowers! I picked out a large marigold plant for each planter plus a few smaller packs of other colorful flowers. I like to use Miracle-Gro Moisture Control Potting Mix when I’m planting anything indoors or in a container. I really does work better than the cheap stuff.
 Anyway, start by adding a little soil to the bottom of your pot. Add your largest plant - be sure to loosen up the soil and roots a little.
Then start adding more soil and the rest of your flowers. It’s such an easy project, but brings so much color and life to the front porch. Plus the planters are easy to move, so it’s a great solution for renters.
Once all of the flowers are added and soil filled in, sit back and enjoy the colorful addition to your porch. 
And now I have to show you how much better the porch looks with my new flowers plus my new spring/summer wreath. I think it’s fair to say my house looks a lot more colorful and welcoming now.
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  1. What a difference! Love the flowers and planters! I use Miracle Gro too.

  2. Cute entry Sam - just started using miracle gro yesteday. will see. :-)

  3. I really like the pop of the yellow flowers, very pretty. I have bought some flowers to plant, but this week we have had rain almost every day; hopefully I will get them planted soon!

    have a great weekend!

  4. I love your flowers! I want to pick some out this weekend but every time I go just I get so overwhelmed! I want to make sure I make good choices in flowers and there's just so many options at so many different prices!!!


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