2013 Blog Goals

Earlier this week I shared my 2013 Home Goals (plus 1 personal goal), so I’m back today to share my 2013 Blog Goals. Yep, the ol’ blog is getting some much-needed attention this year.
I’ve been posting about 3 times per week for the almost-2 years I’ve been blogging…except for the last few months. I really slacked off and was good for maybe 1 post per week. I had a stressful couple months at work and really lost myself my motivation during that time. Anyway, I want to get back into my 3 posts per week schedule this year.

I’ve come to realize that I’m not going to have DIY/craft/room makeover posts ready to share multiple times a week. I work full-time and try to have a life outside of blogging, so I just don’t have time to finish everything that I’d like to. However, I’m also trying to be a consistent blogger. So in 2013 expect to see more personal posts (puppy updates, vacation, living healthier, etc) and more recipes/cooking posts. Did you know that I cook a full, sit down meal every night except Friday and Saturday? I love cooking and I spend a good portion of my night preparing dinner and lunch for the following day, so I figured I should incorporate a little more of that into this blog. That being said, I don’t want to post fluff just so I can say that I post 3 times a week. So if I don’t have anything to write about, there won’t be a post that day. Simple enough.
I want to make The Junk House easier to navigate and quicker to load. The navigation bar needs to be updated so it loads faster – and now I know a better way to create a navigation bar, so that should be good soon. I also need to update my house tour page with more recent pictures and update my project gallery. I also want to add an Instagram and favorite posts section to my sidebar.

The look of The Junk House has come a long way since I started blogging 2 years ago, but there’s always room for improvement. I’d like to update the sidebar labels, change some of the fonts, get a new profile picture, etc. I’m still pretty happy with the look overall look of the blog, especially since I designed pretty much everything (except the button) myself. So, I’m not talking full re-design…just refinement of my current look.

I’m just going to say it: I suck at managing my inbox. I read all your comments and save the e-mails planning to respond, but I only follow through about 25% of the time. I try to either reply via e-mail or stop by your blog and leave a comment about one of your posts. Speaking of, do you guys have a preference? E-mail replies to your comment or stopping by you blog and leaving a comment on your post? Regardless, I’m going to try to be better about responding to comments and staying on top of my inbox, but no promises. Oh, and don’t take it personally, I suck a managing my personal and work e-mails too…

Do you have any other blog suggestions for me? What do you like/don’t like about what you see now or what I have planned? I really want to make The Junk House entertaining and user-friendly, so please let me know if you have any suggestions to make things better/easier.

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