2012 Home Goals Finale

2012 is officially over, so it’s time to look back on the goals I made at the beginning of the year to see what I’ve accomplished/what I slacked on. My original goals and comments are in blue.
You can see my original 2012 Home Goals post here and you can see my mid-year recap here

It’s almost been a year, time for my house to stop looking/feeling like I just moved in!
This means I will finish unpacking boxes and actually make some decorating decisions.  Instead of waiting for the perfect piece I need to start using what I have. I can always update/replace things, but for now, something would look better than nothing.
I still have a lot of work to do around the house, but I’ve accomplished quite a bit over the past year. The house doesn’t look/feel like I’ve just moved in anymore. The boxes are all gone and there’s actually some decorating going on.

In my 2012 Home Goals Revisited post I mentioned the huge empty wall in the living room. We’ll that wall finally got some attention and now has a piece of furniture that fits the space (although there’s still more work to be done). I’m happy with my progress from last year and can’t wait to see what I can accomplish in 2013!

Stop being a cheap ass and spend some of the money I’ve been hoarding!
I’ve been saving money for a couple big projects/furniture pieces, but I’ve yet to act on any of them. I’m planning to:
Extend the Back Patio
Buy a New Couch
Buy a New Entertainment Center
And I’m planning to use my yearly bonus (depending on the amount) to replace my stove and microwave to match the other kitchen appliances.  
OK, so I’m about 50/50 on this one…and I haven’t made any progress since my 6-month recap post. Just as a reminder, I had the back patio extended, bought a new entertainment center (seen above) and replaced my microwave to match the refrigerator and dishwasher.

And although I haven’t bought a new couch yet, I have been looking around for one - I just haven’t found exactly what I want yet. I also have my new stove picked out, but I haven’t felt like dealing with selling my old one on Craigslist or getting time off work to meet the delivery guys. This will be on my 2013 list!

This one is going to be hard because I love stuff!
However, I don’t like dusting stuff. And I’m starting to feel like I’ve accumulated too much stuff! My boyfriend and I recently dropped off 2 boxes and 1 trash bag full of stuff to the Goodwill…it’s a good start, but I’m sure we have more.

I’ve been working really hard on this one and I think I’ve done pretty well over the past year. I’ve taken a lot of stuff to Goodwill and now I’m purging the house in anticipation of our upcoming community garage sale. Yeah, we have garage sales in January in Phoenix…it’s too hot during the typical garage sale months.

Stop apologizing for my house!
We work full-time and have a puppy - our house isn't going to be perfect. It will get messy and things will be out of order. I need to remember that.
And I think we all know DIY projects take time. I can’t expect everything to happen overnight. This year I want to stop being embarrassed about the things that need to be fixed and start enjoying the fact that I have my own house. I know I’m very lucky and I want to try and be more appreciative of that.

I think I’ve done pretty well with this over the past year, but it will always be a struggle for me. I like things to be clean and in order, but my boyfriend and the dogs don’t necessarily feel the same way. I’ve been trying really hard to let things go and not let it bother me as much, but it’s still a challenge. I’ve been working on a cleaning schedule and so far it’s helped keep the house from looking like a complete wreck and it’s kept me from losing my shit over a dirty glass left on my clean kitchen counter. This will always be something that I can improve on, so expect to see something similar on my 2013 list!

Overall, I’d say I did pretty well keeping to my goals. I’m definitely happy with my progress over the past year. I’m putting my 2013 Home Goals together right now and I’ll share them next week.
Did you make any 2012 Home Goals? Were they successful?


  1. You've done so many great projects around your home. I've enjoyed following them. Happy New Year!

  2. I hope to take some things to Goodwill in the next two days too.

    As for your home, you live in it. It's not meant to be picture perfect.

  3. jeesh sam, i think it looks like you did pretty darn good.

    on the house front, life is messy. we can make things look extra special in photos, but I bet even martha stewarts house has a furball rolling across the floor.

    simplify is one of my missions this year. i need better routines and habits in place. it will be a tough mission.

    hope you are well.

  4. Happy New Year - I reckon you did really well. My goal last year was to have moved - which didn't happen - but we just put our house back on the market yesterday. So fingers crossed for a new home in 2013, and all that that entails!

    New Year's Resolutions of the Stars!

  5. Happy New Year friend! I am still so excited to see how you deck out your back patio. It looks so much better all concreted. Seriously. Awesome. I also am jealous of your TV stand. I have since decided that a similar model will become part of my home. Which gives me an excellent reason to come visit you and IKEA. I think so anyways. (I wonder if that would fit in my Honda? ha!) You've really stuck to your goals and tried to make your home more homie-g. I can really see it coming together! I've been at my place for 5 years (yikes!) and it only sort of looks homie-g'd. (I made up that phrase contextually)

    Yay for Sam! Yay for the Junk House! Yay for puppies!


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