30 for 30 Recap

Last year for my 30th birthday I put together a list of 30 things I wanted to do in my 30th year. I knew I wouldn’t get to all of them, but I thought it would be a fun way to get myself to try new things and make the most of the year. I turned 31 last week, so let’s take a look at what I crossed off my list:

Volunteer – Adam and I volunteered to foster dogs for Mountain Girl Transport Rescue. We fostered 3 dogs over the past year…and foster failed on the last one.

Grow a Veggie Garden – So far only our cherry tomatoes are producing (jalapenos are hopeful), but we actually did it!

Get a Makeover/Update Beauty Routine – Last July I went to Sephora and got a makeover. I ended up purchasing a few of the products and they totally improved my beauty routine. 

Go to a Concert – Adam and I went to a Mumford & Sons concert in October and it was ah-mazing!

Spoil Myself with Something Lovely – I bought myself a one year subscription to FabFitFun!

Read 3 Classic Novels – I read To Kill a Mockingbird, The Old Man and The Sea, and 1984.

Bake a Successful Batch of French Macarons – I baked a batch of Blueberry Cheesecake macarons in September and they actually looked and tasted pretty amazing.

Take a Road Trip – Adam, Ringo, Abby, and I road tripped to Montana last summer!

OK, so I crossed 8 items off my list over the past year. I also had a few items that I partially completed:

Visit 4 States I’ve Never Been To – I didn’t make my goal of 4, but I did visit 3 new states on our Montana road trip (Utah, Idaho, Montana). We’re going to Seattle in August, so I can cross this one off my list then.

Explore Arizona –Over the past year we visited the Natural History Museum, explored our city’s downtown area, visited Petrified Forest National Park, stayed in wigwams in Holbrook, and took a day trip to Jerome. This one is kind of hard to judge, but I was hoping to explore more than we did so I put it on the partial list.

Learn to Play Chess – I definitely don’t understand the strategy and I still get the pieces mixed up occasionally, but I actually played my first game of chess this year (against the computer on the easiest setting).

Watch Top 10 Greatest Movies of All Time – Ugh, this was a big fat fail…we only watched two of the movies on the list – The Wizard of Oz and Vertigo.

Send a Handwritten Note Each Month – I think I’m 10 for 12 on this one. I know for sure I sent things every month except for October and March. I think I sent something in October, but I can’t of what that would be, so I’m not counting it.

Visit 2 Museums Around Phoenix – We went to the Arizona Museum of Natural History in February, but never made it to a second museum.

Organize/De-clutter the House – I think the master bathroom is the only room that got a full de-cluttering. I started on the closet in the master bedroom then never finished…

Learn How to Shoot in Manual/Photoshop – I bought the Photograph 101 class from Shoot Fly Shoot and watched part of it. I feel more comfortable using manual settings, but I still wouldn’t say I know what I’m doing.

Random Acts of Kindness – I did a few nice things, but nothing noteworthy and I definitely could have done a lot more for others.

Visit 5 National Parks – I only made it to three National Parks (Glacier, Rocky Mountain, and Petrified Forest), but I’m hoping to visit the Grand Canyon and Saguaro once the weather cools down again.

And then there’s the remaining 12 that I didn’t do:

Run a 5K – I kept meaning to sign up during the winter, but never did and now it’s too hot!

Learn a New Language – This one was a bit of a stretch. I added an app to learn Japanese on my Kindle, but never used it.

Refinance House – I missed the window for this last year and now it’s not worth it.

Take a Hot Air Balloon Ride – I came SO close to buying a Groupon for this, but when it came down to it, I chickened out.

Go White Water Rafting – I knew this one would be unlikely, but I’ve always wanted to go so I added it anyway.

Ride a Zip Line – Same excuse as above

Get Dressed Up and Splurge on a Fancy Meal – We should have done this…I have no excuse

Hike a Mountain – I did a fair amount of hiking in the past year, but I didn’t hike to the top of any mountains.

Backup All My Photos – I can’t believe I never even started this! Next year…

Get in Shape – This is probably the biggest fail on this whole list. Adam and I were going to the gym pretty regularly for a couple months in the fall, but we got off our schedule and haven’t been in months. Ugh…

Sign Up for a Class – I got as far as looking up a class
schedule for some sort of art class, but never actually registered. I definitely still want to do this though!

Finish 2 Rooms in the House – I think we all know that this didn’t happen…

So as I said before, I didn’t get to all of the items on my list (I didn’t think I would), but I still feel like I accomplished a lot this year and 30 was one of the best years of my life. I think I’m going to rework this list into 30 things I want to do in my 30s, but I have a lot to think about before I'm ready to announce that big of a list!


  1. It seems like you had a really great years even without accomplishing ALL 30 things on your list! Now get dressed up and go out for a fancy dinner!! :) I hope you had a great birthday!

  2. It looks you got a lot accomplished! I want to make my own macarons and go to the National Parks too!

  3. You achieved quite a bit there really - makes my past year look dull in comparison... I may have to create a '40 things to do in my 40s' list ��

    Ohhhh DEFINITELY try the hot air balloon ride! I'm petrified of heights (even step stools and those small ladders freak me out)... so long as you're not leaning over the basket you'll be fine... it is the smoothest ride... you're literally just floating - it's the best feeling!

    1. That's good to know about the hot air balloon! I'm not really scared of heights, but for some reason this it was freaking me out a bit. OK, I'm seriously going to try it now!

  4. wow. that is one mean list and you seemed to have achieved a lot. Enjoy your birthday and let your hair loose !


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