Clearing the Clutter: Master Bathroom

Today’s post is the first in my new ‘Clearing the Clutter’ series. Like most households, we have too much stuff. It’s gotten to the point where the clutter is starting to stress me out. I decided to start this series to share my purging/organizing progress and hopefully inspire anyone else who is feeling the same way. I’ve also been weighing everything that I’m throwing out/donating, so I can track how much weight I remove from the house.

I decided to start with the master bathroom because the mess was starting to take over the counter and the visible clutter was driving me crazy every morning. Plus there was so much stuff in the cabinets, it was getting hard to find what I actually needed every morning.

So, I decided to start with the medicine cabinets. I took everything out of both cabinets, wiped down the shelves and only put back what we actually need. I threw out anything that was expired or never used.

Next I cleared out the bottom cabinets. Again, I took everything out, cleaned the shelves, and only put back what we actually use. I also replaced the basket holding my hair appliances with a wood box. The cords and plugs kept getting stuck in the cutouts of the basket. The new, solid box will be so much easier.

Unfortunately, I forgot to take a before picture of this section of the cabinet and it was the worst of them all. This is where I put everything that didn’t have a home or purpose and it got out of control. I also keep all of our travel products in here. I didn’t have a good system for them, so they ended up just stuffed and overflowing in random cosmetic bags. I decided to buy a box to corral all of our travel items. It looks so much cleaner and now I can just pull out that box when I’m packing and grab what I need.

I cleaned out my makeup drawer a couple months ago, but it needed a quick refresh too. I threw out a few items and organized the rest with plastic bins from the dollar store. The first bin is what I use every day. Separating out my essentials makes the morning so much easier.

In total, I removed over 17 pounds of stuff from the master bathroom. Most of it was trashed, but a few items (extra curling iron, hair dryer) were donated and a few items were saved for my mom. It feels so much better to have a clean counter and organized shelves in here. I feel like I’m saving a few minutes every morning by not having to dig through the mess. 


Now I just need to stop ordering Target beauty boxes so I don’t end up hoarding random products again! I’ve already passed on the February one, so gold star for me. Anyway, I think I’m going to tackle the master closet next. My boyfriend started making comments about the boot explosion on the floor in there, so I should probably take care of that...

Please make me feel better about my messes and share the room in your house where you most need to 'clear the clutter'.

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