Golden Birthday: The Big 3-0

30 on the 30th! Yep, today’s my 30th/Golden birthday!

I think I’m supposed to be upset about turning 30 and kissing my 20s goodbye, but I’m not…at all. If I’ve learned anything this past year, it’s that change can be a wonderful thing. So, I’m looking forward to what a new decade will bring.

Obviously I’m too late for a ‘30 before 30’ list, so I decided to put together a ‘30 for 30’ list instead. It’s the first time I’ve ever done one of these, so we’ll see what happens. There’s no particular order to the list and items range from exciting adventure (white water rafting) to boring, but necessary (organize/de-clutter). You can follow my progress on my ’30 for 30’ page (see navigation bar at the top), plus I’ll report back on my progress in six months. OK, here it goes:

Visit 4 States I've Never Been To
Run a 5K
Learn a New Language
Grow a Veggie Garden
Get a Makeover/Update Beauty Routine
Explore More of Arizona 
Refinance House
Take a Hot Air Balloon Ride
Go to a Concert
Learn to Play Chess
Watch Top 10 Greatest Movies of All Time
Go White Water Rafting 
Send a Handwritten Note Each Month
Spoil Myself with Something Lovely
Visit 2 Museums Around Phoenix
Organize/De-clutter the House
Ride a Zip Line
Learn How to Shoot in Manual/Photoshop 
Read 3 Classic Novels
Get Dressed Up and Splurge on a Fancy Meal
Hike a Mountain
Bake a Perfect Batch of French Macaroons
Backup All My Photos
Get In Shape
Random Acts of Kindness
Take a Roadtrip
Sign Up for a Class (Interior Design/Pottery/Something Fun)
Visit 5 National Parks
Finish 2 Rooms in the House



  1. I love this! Come visit me! I live in a valley of 4 mountains and up the highway are 14'ers! And zip lines in Vail!

    Happy birthday! It looks like you've got great things ahead!

  2. Happy Birthday!! Hope you had a great day :)


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