Friday Five

One – Seattle/Tom Petty

Adam and I are headed to Seattle in three weeks! We’re going for a long-weekend getaway and I’m so excited! I’ve never been before (Adam has), so we are going to do all of the touristy stuff. We booked an Airbnb close to the Space Needle, so that should be convenient location for sightseeing. We also got tickets to see Tom Petty in concert while we’re there! Tom Petty is my bucket list concert, so I couldn’t be more excited to see him live.

If you live in Seattle or have any travel/restaurant tips, let me know!

Two – Famous in Love

I just finished the first season of Famous in Love (on Freeform) and I’m kinda obsessed. I feel like I’m probably too old to be this interested in angst-y 21 year old drama, but I can’t help myself…I love it. They haven’t announced if there’s going to be a second season yet, but I really hope so. I need to know if Paige chooses Rainer or Jake.

Three – Case of the Mondays

You guys, Monday was a rough one. It was pouring rain when I got to work in the morning and my flats ended up getting soaked in the parking lot. It’s cold in the buildings and we don’t have hand dryers, so there was really no way to dry them. I tried my best to soak up the water with paper towels, but that’s not super effective, so my shoes were still damp by the end of the day. Ugh, it sucked. Then I went out to my car after work and the battery was dead. I got a ride home from a friend, so Adam and I had to come back later that night to jump it and take it to get a new battery. Obviously it could have been worse, but wet shoes and dropping an unplanned $150 on a car battery was not the best way to start the week. 

Four – Travel Journal

A couple weeks ago I went to get a haircut and of course my hair stylist and I spent the whole time talking our heads off. I’ve been going to her for about 8 years now, so we’ve shared all kinds of stories about life’s ups and downs. Anyway, she had just gotten back from a trip to Mexico so we spent pretty much the whole time talking about that. While we were talking she mentioned that she started a travel journal on her trip and absolutely loved it. She knows I love to travel so she asked me if I’ve ever kept a travel journal. Of course I’ve always thought about it, but I’ve never actually done it.

She ended up convincing me that I need to try it next time I travel, so I just ordered the cutest Rifle Paper Co. travel journal from Amazon (*affiliate link). I’m going to take it with me when we go to Seattle in a few weeks and again on our big Scotland-Ireland trip in September. I think she’s so right about it being a great way to document all of the memories and feelings each day while away. Have you ever written a travel journal?  

Five – Black Flats

Help! I need recommendations for a pair of comfy, cute black flats. The pair that I love and wear to work almost every day went from needing to be replaced soon to completely unwearable this week. They were Dana Buchman flats from Kohl’s and they were so cute and comfortable. Of course they don’t make them anymore and none of the pairs on sale on eBay are my size. So if you have a favorite pair of flats that can be worn with dress pants, please let me know!

Do you have anything fun planned for the weekend? I think we'll probably just relax with the dogs and do some work around the house.

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  1. What a sucky Monday! Hope your week got better and happy Friday :)

  2. But the black flats make it all worthwhile :)

  3. That travel journal is adorable. I hope you have a great trip to Seattle. Happy Friday!

  4. Guilty pleasure teenage drama..w.ahhaha...i also saw the first season..wasn't a big fan, but indeed i also want to know who she chooses. Hope your preparation for the trip will be exciting also. have a good weekend.

    1. Yeah, the acting isn't great and it's definitely over the top, but I couldn't stop watching!

  5. I absolutely love my travel journal and refuse to travel with out it. In fact, one day in Budapest I had actually left it on a bench by the river and didn't realize it until an hour later, but by the grace of God it was still there! I'm also with you on the need for flats. It's the start of the school year and I have SO much school shopping to do.

    1. Losing your journal would have been terrible! I'm sure there are so many wonderful stories in it.

  6. I've been dying to watch famous in love haha praying it comes out on netflix ;P
    But seattle... good thing you booked by the space needle, it's super convenient to head into downtown!! I'd say if you're just staying for the weekend, concentrate in the downtown area and you'll be set <3


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