Go Bold!

Things have been kind of quiet around here lately, but I’m back today with some bold bedroom walls! One of my goals at the beginning of the year was to makeover the master bedroom. I’ve been putting it off for months (over 9 months, not that anyone is counting), but a, um, change in relationship status was just the kick in the pants I needed to refresh the room. I wanted a fresh start and I’ve been dreaming about dark navy walls for awhile now, so this was the perfect opportunity.

When I bought the house 4 years ago, the master bedroom had blah green walls. My mom helped me paint the room a light gray before I officially moved in and it’s been that color ever since.

I’ve been drooling over bedrooms with dark navy walls for awhile now, but I finally got serious about the idea a couple weeks ago. It took some internal convincing, but I finally decided to go for it over the long weekend. I tested a TON of navy paint chips and eventually settled on three favorites. Terrible cell phone picture ahead...

After I painted a couple sample squares around the room, I finally picked Parisian Night by Dunn-Edwards. I’m not going to lie, one of the reasons I picked the color was the name. I also didn’t want to pick the same Hale Navy as every other blogger, although that is a great navy color. Anyway, I had the paint mixed at Ace Hardware in their Clark+Kensington brand paint because it was on sale. It took me two days to paint two coats around the room, but it was so worth the time and effort. I LOVE IT!

These are obviously just progress pictures, so just ignore the messy bed and ladder. I’m replacing pretty much everything in the room, so it’s not much to look at right now. I’ll be back next week with a mood board so you can see where I’m headed plus my first new furniture purchase.

Oh, and this is kind of a bad picture, but I also replaced the old brown blinds (that I always hid with curtains) with new white ones that I had custom cut at Home Depot. They look SO much better and I wish I would have made the update sooner!

OK, one last picture of the navy walls plus sweet Abby dog!


  1. Very nice! Can't wait to see the finished product! And Abby looks as thrilled as our dogs are with home projects!

  2. Love it!!!! Can't wait to see as you progress. I have to admit, I probably would have chosen it for the name, too :).

  3. I love it! I was super curious when I didn't get any more pictures! I love love love how bold it is. A new lease on life, a new chapter, a new adventure.

    I have a plane ticket voucher. Maybe I should use it to come visit you???

    I think you are incredible. I can't wait to see what else you accomplish!


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