Bay Window Curtains

Can you believe I already have another master bedroom project to share? Seriously, this is the most productive I’ve been in forever months. Today I want to talk curtains. If you’ve been following for awhile, you might remember that the master bedroom has a bay window. I used to have three separate rods for each of the windows, but it wasn’t the best solution and it looked a little cluttered.

Did you know they have curtains rods specifically made for bay windows? Apparently they are a thing and they are awesome. I ordered this one from Amazon and it’s genius. You can change the length of all of the rods plus adjust the corner angles to fit your room. I thought about DIYing one (there are plenty of tutorials online), but I’d probably never actually do it and it wasn’t worth the time for price. It was $50, which seems like a lot at first, but it’s basically three rods in one. Looking at it that way, the purchase was a no-brainer.

The rod was pretty easy to install and I’m really happy with my purchase. I also bought new curtains for the windows. For the past 4+ years I’ve been using the black and white curtains that I sewed, but they don’t go with my new plan, so I had to get something else. I ended up buying these woven Nate Berkus curtains from Target. I ordered them online vs. buying them in-store because had a buy one, get one 40%-off sale plus an additional 10%-off. I needed four panels, but with all of the discounts I basically got one free!

I have to thank Sarah at Life at Virginia Street for featuring these curtains during one of her weekend recaps. They are exactly what I was looking for plus you gotta love a look for less. Although the pattern is smaller, it’s pretty much identical to Schumacher’s Betwixt fabric, which is currently on sale for $75/yard. I paid that for all four of my curtain panels! This is the best picture of the curtains' true color/pattern. The rest of the pictures are terrible, I know...

Now that the room has new curtains, the makeover is really starting to come together. I love how it’s looking so far and I can’t wait to buy the remaining furniture and start hanging art.


  1. I love the fabric colors and print! Great job; you're on a roll!

  2. How did I miss this one! Your curtains look fantastic! I love how this room is becoming so, well, YOU!!!

  3. Wow, it really does look so much better than it did before. Thank goodness for bay window curtain rods!

    Eric |


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