EKTORP Thrift Find

I’m taking a break from the master bedroom posts to show you my new living room chair! 

It’s the EKTORP armchair from IKEA and it retails for $250, but I found mine at a thrift store for $75! It’s in perfect condition. Seriously, I don’t think anyone ever sat in it because the cushions are definitely like-new. The cover had a few scuffs (probably from moving it around), but they washed out easily. 

I don’t love the white slipcover, but that’s easy enough to change out. I’m going to leave it for now until I find something else or decide to take the slipcover project myself. In the meantime, the chair is a better scale and more comfortable than the chair that was there before. I’m so happy with the change…and with the savings!


  1. That was a lovely find, I would not passed it by it either...enjoy.

  2. Oh wow I love this chair! What a great find :-)

  3. Fun find!! I am sure you could dye the cover in your washing machine or bathtub. Also I'd look on ebay or your local classifieds for a slip cover. There is one on my local classifieds for ten bucks!

  4. Great find! I love it! It's seriously been too long since I stopped at your blog. I'll be browsing for a while now ;)


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