Insta-16: Take Nine

Sooooo, I’m in England right now! I’m here for the week on business, so I won’t get to do much exploring/sightseeing, but hopefully I’ll still have enough pictures and stories for a travel post or 2 in the coming weeks.

Because of my trip I didn’t have time to finish any projects over the long weekend, so I thought this would be a great time to share another round of Instagram pictures! You can see the previous eight recaps here

If you have an account, you can follow me at: SAMTJH22.  If not, this recap is for you! I’ve rounded up my last 16 Instagram pictures for you here today. This roundup includes 4th of July fireworks, pictures from Alaska, and lots of Ringo and Abby snuggles!

As usual, my plan is to share a pretty collage of all the pictures and then pick my top 5 in different categories: Abby, Ringo, Cutest Couple (Ringo and Abby), Yummy (Food or Drink), and Wildcard (Non-Food and Non-Puppy).

OK, enough talk! Here’s the ninth round of Instagram pictures:

And here are my favorites:
Abby loves rope toys…well, she loves stuffed animals more, but those don’t last very long in our house. My mom bought this one for Ringo and Abby a couple years ago and it’s one of the longest surviving toys we’ve had. Ringo loves to swing it around and Abby likes to take it from him. She also likes one of the rope toys that I bought them during after-Christmas clearance. It’s red and green and falling apart, but it’s one of her favorites. She drags that ratty thing all over the house. We have nice, expensive dog toys all over the house, but she like the 50 cent trashed rope.

Like many other dogs, Ringo is scared of loud noises – especially thunder. He completely loses his mind when a storm rolls in. I bought this anxiety shirt hoping that it would help, but it only really worked the first couple of times. He was so pre-occupied with the shirt that he didn’t notice the storm outside. But now he’s used to it and it doesn’t seem to help much (although he really likes wearing the shirt). During the last storm I built him a little fort using a couple chairs, pillows and sheets and he seemed to like that. I think I’m going to make him one of those tents/teepees that are all over blogs and Pinterest. So far the best solution I’ve found are these K9 Calm biscuits. We got a sample of them in a BarkBox and they seem to help calm him down. Does anyone have any other suggestions?

Cutest Couple
If you say swim, swimming, or pool around Ringo he goes insane. He’ll run to the bathroom and stare at my swimsuit hanging on the rack and then look back at me waiting for me to put it on. Then he’ll run to the pool gate and paw at it until I open it for him. If I take too long to get outside, he’ll run back in the house to see what’s taking so long. Abby just follows me around wagging her tail. She’s definitely more patient.

A few months ago my boyfriend joined a Thursday-night bowling league. That meant I was on my own for dinner every Thursday night, so decided to spoil myself and cook lobster tails for dinner. I found this recipe for baking the tails and they turned out perfect every time. I usually just served them with an avocado or side salad. So delicious! The bowling season is over now, so it’s no longer Lobster Thursdays at my house, but maybe he’ll join another league or maybe I’ll stop being selfish and cook him lobster too…

This roundup includes all of the pictures from our Alaska trip, so it was hard to pick just one “Wildcard” favorite. I ended up choosing this picture of Holgate Glacier because the glaciers were so beautiful and this is one of my favorite pictures from our trip. I’m currently working on a travel gallery wall and this is one of the pictures that I framed. Anyway, if you want to see more glacier pictures (plus a glacier gif), you can read the travel post here.

OK, who else is on Instagram? Leave your username in the comments, so I can follow you.

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