Flashback Friday: September

Can you believe September is more than half over? This year has gone by so fast! Anyway, today we’re looking back at some of my favorite September posts from years past.

OK, let’s kick this off with a flashback to September 2013 –

A year ago today my mom and I were flying home from our two week London/Paris vacation. We spent the first day of our trip touring Stonehenge and Bath. Surprisingly, Stonehenge ended up being one of our favorite spots. When I was in England a couple weeks ago we drove by Stonehenge on the way from the airport to my hotel. That was pretty exciting!

Last year I knocked off this fishing sign for my boyfriend. It’s still hanging on his side of the gallery wall in the office. Although, I had to add a metal hanger to the back because the double stick mounting tape did not hold up.

Let’s rewind another year and look at September 2012 –
Two years ago I completed one of my most time consuming projects. I stenciled fabric and used it to upholster a headboard for the master bedroom. We still use the headboard today, but I’ve been thinking about replacing it. The white in the fabric has not held up well to two dogs. Well, just Ringo mostly. He’s obsessed with licking one particular spot, so as you can imagine, that spot looks pretty dirty.

Two years ago I was busy working on my craft room. I didn’t finish the room, but I painted it and organized everything. Too bad it’s a complete mess right now! Like seriously, it’s bad – possibly worse than the original before pictures. The shame…

Time to go WAY back to September 2011 – my first year of blogging!

The guest bathroom was the first room makeover that I finished in my house. Actually, it’s the only makeover that I’ve finished…haha! I have been thinking about changing the rug, artwork, and towels for something a little brighter and cheerier, but I figured I should work on finishing the other rooms in the house first. The best use of my time/money is probably not redoing the one finished room, especially since I don’t use it that often.

And finally – Three years ago this month we brought Ringo home! Some days I didn’t think we’d make it this long. He was such a shithead puppy, but he’s gotten so much better as he gets older. I mean, he’s still a troublemaker (remember my poor fiddle leaf fig), but he’s mostly sweet now.

So that’s what I’ve been up to in September for the past three years. It’s been fun looking back at old projects and seeing how much I’ve accomplished in our house over the past few years.

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