Shopping Trip: Antique Plaza

Today we’re going (virtual) antique shopping! 

Antique Plaza is two-stories of antique/vintage finds - it’s hard to believe that I’ve lived here for over five years and have never been to this antique mall. Actually, I’ve never even been to Mesa’s historic downtown area. It’s lined with shops, restaurants and even the Arizona Natural History Museum. Clearly I need to get out more…

Like most antique shops, there are booths filled with old toys. I even recognized a few toys from when I was little…I’m getting old!

And of course there are plenty of old tools and items for the guys to look at. I’ve never taken my boyfriend antique shopping with me, but there was one booth with old fishing stuff that he’d probably like.

Painted furniture is big seller in antique stores right now (like this end table I bought). This is the booth of another local blogger, Laura from My Dear Trash. Actually, reading about her booth on her blog is the main reason I stopped by Antique Plaza. 

OK, let’s look at some of my favorite finds:

I’ve never been to Australia (maybe someday…), but I love this colorful lithograph - it’s signed and numbered. The yellow mat and yellow frame is a little too much yellow for me, so I’d probably paint the frame or have it re-framed. There was a second print too…$39/each.

As most of you know, I collect white ironstone. It’s the main thing I search for while I’m antique shopping. I found these white ironstone plates in one booth for $9.95/each.  I would want at least a set of four, but didn’t feel like dropping 40 bucks on four plates so I had to pass. I still kinda want them though…

This glass case held an impressive collection of Jadite items. So pretty, but way too expensive for my taste. These items are obviously for a collector and not someone who just likes the pretty green color. For example, that set of 4 bowls in the bottom corner was $145.

This ironstone pitcher and basin would have come home with me if I had a place for it. I’ve never seen ironstone with that fuchsia colored stripe. Originally priced at $89, it was marked down to $49. Such a good price and such a great piece…ugh, I want it!

I’ve never seen Tiffany & Co dishes, so this cake set definitely caught my eye. Five plates and a cake stand for $25.99.

Speaking of cake stands, this glass cake stand was $28 AND everything in that booth was 50%-off! You can’t buy a glass cake stand new for $14!

OK, now let’s talk about an “antique” item I don’t understand buying/selling – bedpans! I see multiple bedpans every time I go antique shopping, so I assume someone is buying them. I just don’t get it! This one was $32, which isn’t even a good deal (according to my Amazon search). Someone please explain this to me…

Anyway, let’s talk about what I did buy – I bought four ironstone bread plates for $11. I found two in one booth for $2/each and two in another booth for $3.50/each. I also bought this print of the Paris Opera building. The picture made me think of my mom and I eating Pierre Hermé macarons on the steps of that building while we were in Paris. It was originally $39.95, but it was marked 60%-off so I only paid $15.98. The frame is in pretty bad shape, so I’ll probably have to reframe it, but I love the picture.

Do you like antique shopping? Do you look for anything in particular? If you are local, I also recommend Merchant Square Antiques in Chandler and Main Street Antique Mall in East Mesa.

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  1. Love it? I'm an addict! Love your finds dear. I would've grabbed the tiffany and co. set, those cost hundreds of dollars!!! that's a steal, check out the new china at their website. :-)

    1. You're right! I just looked up the cake stand on eBay and it's selling for around $150...not even including the plates! Maybe I should go back and get it...

  2. I've been wanting to check out Merchant Square Antiques in Chandler. Let me know next time you go. Maybe we could get together for coffee and antique shopping? Great post!


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