Laundry Room Lighting and Paint - ORC Week 3

It’s week 3 of the One Room Challenge! Can you believe we are already halfway to the finish line?!

OK, let’s talk progress – 

The new light fixture is up...and it's coming back down. My boyfriend and I installed it over the weekend (Saturday at 11 p.m. to be exact) and aren't sold on it. We both think it's too modern and fancy for the space...and compared to the rest of the light fixtures in the house. I think I'm going to return it and get the light fixture I originally liked.  

I also started painting this week! The ceiling was the first spot to get a fresh coat of paint. I used the white ceiling paint that I had leftover from the other rooms. It’s probably hard to tell the difference in pictures, but it looks some much better now.
Side Note: I just realized that I never shared a picture of the back wall in the laundry room, so here it is – 

I haven’t started painting the walls yet, but I have picked a paint color! Cumulus by Behr was my front runner from the last week, so I picked up a sample pot at Home Depot so I could test it out before committing. I painted a test square and knew it was the one. I went back to Home Depot and bought a gallon of it, so I’m ready to start anytime. Please ignore the filthy wall...

In other news, the safety pins from Ballard Designs arrived last week and they are amazing in person! They are bigger than I expected and they actually open and close. I love them! I can’t wait to get the walls painted so I can hang them.

The drywall guy comes on Monday, so I’ll have that update for you next week plus hopefully the room and trim will be painted.

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  1. You are very busy! I am excited to see what you do with the space. :)

  2. Those are super cool pins! Excited to see the wall post paint!

  3. ohhh love the colour--its going to look très chic! And I'm super jealous of the pins!

  4. aren't those pins amazing?! and for the price....I love mine!! looking good.

  5. I get ya on the light fixture. It doesn't strike me (now that its up) as a laundry room type fixture. Maybe a fancy porch or large entry way would be the perfect home for it but... not the laundry room. Though... I really want your pins... they are beautiful and make happiness inside my soul.

  6. Drywall guy! I like the sounds of that, because doing it yourself, pretty much sucks. Sheetrock is a pain in the butt and makes a mess! you're making progress Sam

  7. ohh, i like those safety pins!! Here's a funny Australia it's called 'Gyprock' not sheetrock. I love that there are just these subtle differences.

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