Drywall Repair…Finally!

So, I might be stealing some of the thunder from Thursday’s One Room Challenge post by talking about drywall today, but I don’t care. I’m so excited to finally have this project done, I can’t help myself! I’ve been meaning to have some areas of drywall fixed around the house for awhile now *cough*3years*cough*, but I hate calling for estimates, so I just put it off.

This year I finally decided I should stop procrastinating on these kinds of projects (anything that requires a professional), so I added “Call for Help” to my 2014 Home Goals. Then I signed up for the One Room Challenge and that was the final push I needed to get it done.

I found a respected drywall company with good reviews and I set up an appointment to get an estimate. The drywall guy came out and gave me a quote to fix four areas in the house. I thought the price was fair and the guy was nice (plus the positive reviews online), so I hired him. I didn’t bother getting any other quotes.

A couple weeks later his son (it's a family-run company) came by and fixed up my house. He did an amazing job and I’m so excited to have this crossed off my list!

Anyway, here are the areas that were repaired, before and after:

The ceiling in the hallway was damaged due to an incorrectly installed A/C condensation tray...

I don’t really know what happened here, but the corner of the living room wall was crumbling. 

The previous owners cut a hole for a cat/dog door between the laundry room and garage. We hung a piece of drywall to close the hole, but that’s as far as we got. And then puppy Ringo chewed a hole through it...

And here’s the garage side of the hole.


It might not be the most glamorous before/after post, but I’m so happy to have it done. Plus it looks amazing! Once I finish painting, you’ll never know that those areas were repaired!

If you live in Mesa or anywhere else in the east, central or west valley and need a drywall company, let me know! I’ll send you their info!

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  1. I bet it feels so good to have those drywall spots fixed! They look great--you can't even tell anything was wrong.


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