Pretty It Up

I mentioned a couple weeks ago that I’m going to start working on the master bathroom. And what have I accomplished in there since then? NOTHING! This is why my blog is called The Junk House and not The Quick Turnaround Time House…
I blame it on being out of town last weekend (Greer) and this past weekend (out of town wedding). Side note: When did people stop dressing up for weddings? Did I miss the memo that a sweater (that’s not even covering the butt), leggings, and boots are appropriate church wedding attire? Anyway, we ended up coming home Saturday instead of Sunday, so I was determined to finish one project during the weekend…even if it was the easiest one on my list.
This is what I’d been using to organize my hair styling tools. Functional, but not exactly my style.

I’ve had this metal basket in my stash for kind of a long time. I bought it ($2.99) for this exact purpose, but never got around to painting it. Typical.

I removed the ribbon and spray primed it gray. Then I painted it Ocean Breeze by Krylon. A little distressing and glazing later…

Detail shot:

Now that my blow dryer is styling it’s time to get working on the rest of the bathroom. Tomorrow we’re talking master bathroom status – what’s been done and what’s left to do.


  1. Ah dang so you think that glitterized tube dress and ugg boots is a bad combo? Whatever shall I wear to that funeral I have to go to? jk jk jk. No funeral and def no strapless dresses here. I like your basket! I wanna see the rest of the bathroom! I feel like it is an elusive mystery room. I'm excited for master bathroom redos! Yay!

  2. Geez, that is so cute! I agree about people not dressing properly. I think it is just plain rude! Anyhoo, thanks for the visit and the sweet comment @TheDedicatedHouse! It means the world! Hope you're having a grand evening. Toodles, Kathryn


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