October – A Look Back

Time to look back at all that was (or wasn’t) accomplished during the past month.

October was full of outside projects. We finally have a place to sit.

We brought in some heavy machinery.

And ended up with a pile o’ dirt!

My boyfriend’s dad built us (and Ringo) a new gate.

I also posted a list of 16 projects (maybe someday I’ll post the entire list…although that list would be scary).
And I finished 3 of them.

The ol’ blog got a makeover and new buttons.

And I did some Pinterest cooking (and reviewing).

You also learned who my first movie star crush was at jodie noted.

And finally, some Halloween fun.

It was a good month at The Junk House! This month you can expect more outside projects and hopefully some more projects crossed off the list. And the usual nonsense!


  1. Love your blog.. I am your newest follower from http://www.pinkumbrellaphotography.com/

  2. Whoop - successful October for you.

    I went to the hairdresser and asked for a hair cut like Tom Cruise. So the stylist got me a cushion ;-)

    (I loved him too)

  3. wow! you got alot done. love the gate, and ringo is adorable!

  4. Love that gate! Just perfect. Hope you have a grand evening. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  5. Yay look at Ringo! He's getting so big! I love him. Anddd I love that you put that delicious looking meal right next to Tom C... does it get any better?

    I submit that it does not!

  6. I love the picture of your precious pooch and the pumpkins! (Such a cute expression on his face.)


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