The List – Master Bathroom

Today we’re talking master bathroom status – what’s been done and what’s left to do.
The master bathroom is probably the one thing I dislike most about my house. It’s so small! Maybe someday we’ll do a major renovation on it, but for now we’re fixing it up as-is.  
(Note: It isn’t easy taking pictures of a small room with lots of mirrors without the camera catching the pajama-ponytailed photographer. You might notice an elbow hiding here and there.)  

Yep, I only have 1 before picture…
Oh, and this is what the light fixture looked like:

Now let’s take a tour of its current state:

Time for my favorite part: Making Lists!
Paint Walls (Secret Locket by ColorPlace)
Replace Faucet
Replace Showerhead
Replace Toilet
Toilet Paper Holder

To Do:
Add Baseboards
Replace Missing Drawer
Paint Vanity
Replace Medicine Cabinets
Do Something with Large Mirror
Hang Towel Rack
New Towels
Finishing Touches

Actually, the to-do list isn’t too bad! A lot of the hard stuff is already finished – mostly thanks to my dad. He replaced the faucet, light fixture, showerhead, switches and outlet, toilet and toilet paper holder for me. Yeah, he’s awesome.
OK, the list is made…time to get to work!


  1. Wow! You did a fantastic job!
    I have never replaced a toilet so once you do it, I'll live vicariously through you so that I'll know how. :)

  2. First thing I must note...
    replacing the potty sounds like a horrific experience.

    And second I decided to make up a story as to why the previous owners decided to take the drawer. Only one drawer. It held secret gems and loads of cash that just wouldn't fit into their pocket so they ran off with the whole drawer!

    Okay lame story. But I was working on it.

    I'm soooo glad to finally see the bathroom! And I wanna marry your shower curtain! After a few dates of course. heeh jk! I'm excited!

  3. That one drawer missing thing is weird. Very weird.

    But all your changes are such improvements. Keep checking things off!

  4. It's looking really glam already, great shower curtain. I'm just waiting to see what horrors I'm left to deal with when we move to our new place - they currently have the most HORRENDOUS light fitting in the family room, I'm hoping they'll take it with them as I think it must have been expensive, despite the offensiveness!


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