November – A Look Back

My computer still dying a slow death, so I haven't been posting lately…but I can still do my monthly recap because my pictures are already edited and online. Looking back it was a slow month – that’s what happens when you are out of town 3 of the 4 weekends. And then sidelined with computer problems! Anyway…
I started the month with some thank you shout-outs. I’ll say it again – you ladies are seriously cool.

We took a weekend trip to Greer, AZ and little Ringo got to play in the snow for the first time.

I sewed not 1, not 2, but 3 new pillows!

I completed one master bathroom project.

And shared the rest of my master bathroom to-do list.

I participated in Lesley’s first photo challenge. And then sucked at linking up for the next couple challenges…

Thanksgiving came and went…
Free Printable from The Fickle Pickle

And then my computer crapped out on me…

I’m hoping to be up and running by next week. Cross your fingers the restore works!
One of my first posts back will be about the master bathroom! 2 projects are getting crossed off the list!


  1. get your computer back!!! lol poor thing. ringo is getting so big! what a cutie pie. wish he could have a play date with Stanley.

    just wanted to remind you about your guest post for my Christmas Series, thansk!!!

  2. You had a pretty busy November! I don't really remember what I got accomplished. I know I cooked a lot but I ate a lot too and I think it's still clogging my brain up. ha!

    Your little Ringo is so cute and sorry to hear about your computer crap-outs. I hate it when that happens!


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