Sam vs. Palm

Have you ever started a project and immediately wished you’d hired someone instead?
That’s how I felt after I decided I could trim my own palm tree…

A couple weeks ago I got a “friendly reminder” from my HOA. I had 2 weeks to trim the dead fronds off my palm tree or else. Ok, it didn’t say “or else” but I’m pretty sure that’s what it meant.

So, of course I wait until last minute because I think it’ll be really easy. They are dead so I should be able to just pull them off. The tree isn’t that tall, so I might not even need a ladder!
One pull on the frond and I realize it isn’t happening. So, now I need the big clippers and a ladder. I have to climb to the top of the ladder (not the very top, I'm not that stupid) to get close enough to cut the fronds off. They aren’t even easy to cut! I have to put all my body weight into the clippers to cut through the stems, which then makes the ladder wobbly. Long story short, it took me a (wobbly) hour to cut through 12 of them!
And I was drenched in sweat by the time I was done. Did I mention it was hot out?

All trimmed up! I hope you’re happy HOA!

Next time I’m hiring a tree service….


  1. Our builder is our "HOA" for now, and he hasn't spread mulch in the four years we lived here. So my husband and I finally bought some to make our townhouse planting areas look better.

    B went off today to show houses (he's a Realtor), and zipped outside to spread the mulch to surprise him.

    It's cooler here today, only ninety, but not the best choice, I will admit.

    So yeah, I wish the builder hired someone else to do this much needed job!


    But I'm thinking, should I hire a manicurist to do another now much needed job? My nails are wrecked!

  2. Hi! i found you at HOH! You have a fun blog! i can relate to this story...Mine was "leveling the ground to get it ready fro grass..UGH! I am your newest follower! i would love it if you would stop by and become mine! Have a great night!


  3. Great job, Sam! Your palm looks great; i would have never guessed that they were so hard to cut.

    Have a great weekend!

  4. I can't believe you did that yourself! Palms are such a pain in the you know what.


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