Owning a home isn’t all fun and games…

Lemme give you a quick recap:

I came home Sunday morning and found a puddle of water in the hallway.

I felt the ceiling above the puddle and it was soggy and mushy.

My awesome boyfriend came over and crawled up into the scorching hot attic to check things out.

He found that the condensation from the a/c wasn’t draining and the idiots who installed the tray angled it away from the drain pipe.

My handy (and awesome) boyfriend unclogged the drain pipes and fixed the tray.

Water problem solved, but the ceiling looks like this now…



  1. Oh, I wish you know my whole story of my whirlwind romance and marriage in the time my son was away in the UK in college. He came home, I was married to a man he hadn't met, we had moved, my husband was rehabbing my condo, and we were planning our "real" wedding (we married twice).

    One day, and this is so not like me, I was at school and got, I guess you'd call it a panic attack. I had to leave. We all went out to lunch to calm me down, hubs went back to the condo, son went back to the house, I ran and errand and when I came home, there were pots all over the kitchen. All. Over. The. Kitchen. Aware of my shaky state, my son said, "Don't worry, I've already called Brad!"

    Hubs walked in a few minutes later, ripped open the ceiling more (handy men are great, aren't they?), and the water gushed out for about ten minutes. Our house was new, and the second bath's shower drain wasn't installed correctly.

    Thanks to my recently back from UK son's long showers, our ceiling was literally filled with water.

    We were still under warranty, so that was a good thing...

    Once yours is redone, it will look better than ever. Sorry for the "blog fodder," though.

  2. Total bummer! My sister had a similar problem, only it leaked into a wall, into her closet! It made a very soggy nasty mess when the wall collapsed in on her closet and all over her hubby's suits and slacks. Hope it is easy to fix!

  3. Oh no!! A place we used to live in had a sort of similar problem. Weird marks started appearing on the roof, and then the ceiling seemed to look a bit warped. Then one particularly rainy day water started GUSHING out of a light fixture! Scary. We had to move out while they fixed the roof and removed all the carpet.

    Thank goodness yours got fixed before any type of disaster like that occurred!!


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