Jar(s) of Hearts

This post has nothing to do with hearts. I just really like that song. If I ever go through another breakup I’m going to play that song on repeat…and Rolling in the Deep by Adele. Anywhoo, back to my jars.
I found these glass jars at EV Lutheran Thrift for $3.00 total. I think I found one each week for 3 weeks. At the time I didn’t have a project in mind, but I liked them, so I bought them.  

I taped up the glass parts and primed:

I sprayed them down with Krylon’s ORB and Minwax Poly.
I filled the jars with q-tips, cotton balls, and bath crystals.

Love! For only $3 I ended up with the perfect finishing touch for my bathroom makeover.

Speaking of my bathroom makeover...
Every week I’m planning to feature a different part of the makeover; working my way up to the big reveal. This is only part one!


  1. LOVE! these are beautiful. thanks for sharing this at my party!

  2. great prices, super jealous! and jar of hearts is fantastic-loving that whole cd on repeat since i got it. so like, months.

  3. O MY! I love love love how these turned out! They didn't look like much before so I had low expectations...but now I want to go out and find some for myself!

    I have a blog if you would like to check it out! http://breexypinkdaisies.blogspot.com

  4. I love what you did to those jars. I've passed up a few like that because I just didn't have your vision.

  5. I saw your link at Type A and just followed you. I love what you did with these jars...I would have NEVER thought of it. I am slowing changing all the fixtures in my house over to ORB. Some I'm painting but some I'm just completely replacing. Great inspiration for what can be done with a little spray paint! Come visit me if you have time...

  6. Sam! You done good!
    These look so amazing and I can honestly say that I'd pay big bucks for them if I saw them in a shop. Way to go!

  7. I am loving all your projects!! You must be having so much fun doing it all!

  8. Ah!! Sam, I got my swap today, and posted the fantastic items. Thank you soooooo much! :-D

  9. oh my i am in love with these!!! Scarlett x

  10. I'm so honored that you chose to join the Creative Bloggers' Party & Hop. Thank you for adding this special masterpiece to rock my party :)

  11. So pretty!


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