Damask and Glass

Sometimes a small change can make a big difference.

I wish I had a true “before” picture to show. I guess I forgot to take a picture of the bathroom before I painted it gray, probably because it’s ridiculously small and hard to take pictures in. Just imagine the walls the same green as the bedroom.

When I moved in I needed a shower curtain immediately (smelly Sam=bad), so I hung the shower curtain from my apartment. And there it stayed for 4 months…

One day (last Sunday) I finally decided I’d had enough and I ordered a new shower curtain. I went to Target the next day and bought new shower curtain hooks too. My package arrived yesterday, so last night white and plastic were replaced with damask and glass.

I’m in love!

Damask Shower Curtain $31.14 (including S&H and tax)
Simply Shabby Chic Hooks $13.07
Total $44.21

For less than $50 I dramatically (and quickly) changed the look of the master bathroom.

Expect to see more bathrooms in coming weeks. I’m almost done with the guest bathroom makeover. And the new shower curtain has motivated me to work on the master bathroom.


  1. Ahhhh...that matches the footstool I just made over, beautiful!!

  2. Love it! Though my home is different than yours, much of my stuff came with the hubs, we have the same taste!

  3. Very nice redo! I stumbled onto your blog by way of ftlob and wanted to say hello. Will be checking back in to see more of your transformations! {you may have some ideas I want to borrow for my place}

    Stop by and say hello sometime...


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