Weekend Junk #12

Curb alert! I found my first roadside freebie on Friday after work! It took 2 drive-bys before I had the balls courage to pull over and load it in my SUV.

Table – Curb FREE!
I’m so excited to see how this looks with a fresh coat of paint!

I was so pumped after curb pickin’ that I stopped by Goodwill. My luck continued: I found my first piece of ironstone!

Ironstone – Goodwill $2.99

If you want to know a little bit more about ironstone, check out Miss Mustard Seed’s Ironstone 101.

Remember those white plates I bought last weekend? Well now I’m having second thoughts on using all white plates…so I bought a bunch of random china. I’m still undecided about the whole thing.

9 China Plates – Goodwill $8.00 total

My parents were here over the weekend, so that’s the only thrifting I managed to fit in. I think it was a pretty good haul! Anyone else have any luck this weekend?



  1. I saw you at Homemaker on a Dime's hop. I'm your newest follower. I just found a piece of china from England this weekend, at Goodwill! I was so happy. It is one of those white plates with a dark blue scene in it. So pretty!


  2. I love curb alerts! Super cute table!

  3. GREAT finds!

    But...the patterned plates remind me a bit of a grandma's kitchen. Tell me to shut up, and I will.

  4. Congratulations. The first curb find is the hardest. I guess. I've only had one so far! Love the ironstone bowl.

  5. I haven't had much luck finding FREE stuff curbside, I love your endtable and look forward to seeing how it turns out.


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