Highs and Lows – 3

2 weeks in a row! This girl is on fire!

-I got a raise! My manager stopped by my cubicle Thursday about 10 minutes before I was set to leave and asked if I had time to talk in a conference room. Uh oh! I thought I was in trouble, but I was actually getting a raise. Huzzah!
-I mentioned in my last Highs and Lows that we were supposed to have a weekend getaway to Greer. Well, because of the wildfire our trip was cancelled, but we still had a vacation day planned for Friday.
We spent the morning at the Phoenix Zoo, had lunch and played games at Dave & Buster’s, fixed my pool light, enjoyed a sushi dinner, went night swimming with my new pool light, and watched the new True Grit (I fell asleep 30 minutes in). It was way better than working!


-I’m sound asleep Saturday morning and someone rings my doorbell. Ugh! I get up and answer the door…it’s my neighbor letting me know that someone smashed the window out of the truck (my boyfriend’s) parked in front of my house. So, we spent Saturday morning sweeping glass out of the street and vacuuming glass out of the truck. I don’t know what they broke the window with, but the glass was EVERYWHERE…as far as the next house over. Luckily they didn’t steal anything, just some asshole kids being destructive…

So, these 2 don’t sound nearly as bad after writing about the broken window:

-I finally lost to my boyfriend in Words with Friends. I’m now 7 for 8 against him.
-I have the most ridiculous, painful blister on my right pointer finger from pulling weeds. And I’m covered in bug bites!

Thanks Jen for hosting! And helping me put my WwF loss into perspective!


  1. Thanks for linking up again! That stinks about the broken window, why people need to be jerks is beyond me. And yay for a raise! Send some of those "raise" vibes my hubby's way. Glad you had a great Friday!

  2. It's always good to keep perspective. And with perspective, even a smashed car window isn't so bad--though I wouldn't wish it on anyone and I hope your lows aren't as low as that one for the upcoming week!

  3. I'm sorry about your window! That has happened to me before too... so lame. But at least nothing was taken, and it's the first day of summer! :)


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