No More Purple Pooh

One of my first posts on this blog was about the Purple Pooh room. I hadn’t closed on the house yet, but I wanted to show off what I’d be working with. If you were following back then (or have looked back at some old posts), you probably remember that one of the bedrooms looked like this:

Seriously, how could you forget?
Well, I mentioned yesterday that my parents were here over the weekend. Of course that means that a room got painted! We tackled the last of the fugly rooms on Saturday and I’m so excited so show off the finished walls.

Purple Pooh is gone!
I picked Behr White Clay for the walls and plain ol’ white for the ceiling and trim.
*The reason I use Behr paint has nothing to do with the gorgeous guy who works in the paint department. OK, maybe a little…but he’s so dreamy!

It makes me so happy to walk by the room now. I’m so happy with the color choice.

Yes, it’s empty except for all the internet and DIRECTV boxes, routers, and nonsense.
This room will be the office/gym…and by gym I mean treadmill. I bought a desk off Craigslist a while ago (still needs to be painted), I just bought a desk chair (needs paint and new upholstery), and I bought a treadmill a couple weeks ago. Now I just need an armoire for a TV (who uses a treadmill without a TV?!) and a small bookcase.

What do you think? Anyone miss the purple? Yeah, I didn’t think so!


  1. Love the neutral color. Any idea what fabric you are going to use for the chairs?

  2. Hehehe, yes- no offense to purple-lovers, but the white looks way more awesome! Now it looks like the perfect office space!

  3. That room is like my red & pink room (!) that I'm currently painting. I'll have to look at the color you chose - that's nice - it might work in the living room. Congrats on being done!

  4. Much, Much better! I like the color you chose too!


  5. I am renovating a victorian cottage and I have total sympathy for you and those vile colours!! x xx


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