Highs and Lows - 2

I linked up to Jen’s very first Highs and Lows Party, but haven’t participated since. Have my weeks been mediocre or have I just been too lazy to think back 7 days? Probably the latter. But I’m baaaaack!

·      My block fence was finally fixed! Oh, you didn’t know it was damaged? Yeah, I decided not to post about it until I calmed down and the issue was resolved. So, expect a block fence rant soon…
·      I’m 5 for 5 against my boyfriend in Words with Friends. He may beat me in sports and anything that requires coordination, but he can’t beat my mad word skillz.
·      Our group camping trip was cancelled. Yep, I don’t like camping. I was only going because my boyfriend likes camping and I was trying to share in his interests…blah blah blah. So, I got to sleep in my own bed and enjoy indoor plumbing this weekend.

·      I’d already planned a half day of work on Friday for camping, so I decided to keep my half day and was free at 11. An afternoon of Hobby Lobby is always a high.
·      After giving up and hiring someone to care for my pool, the water is perfect. My boyfriend and I went swimming Saturday and it was delightful.
·      I tried to slam dunk in my pool. I ended up ended up losing my bottoms, scraping my knee on the side, almost drowned, and didn't even make the basket...FAIL!
·      My boyfriend and I have been planning a weekend getaway to Greer, AZ for months now. First the lodge we had reservations for burned down (arson). So, we were moved to a cabin. Now, the town has been evacuated due to the Wallow Fire. So, no getaway this weekend.
(Photo: Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest)
Looking back - It was a good week!


  1. Minus the whole lost weekend getaway thing (which SUCKS) and the non-graceful basketball dunk, it sounds like you had a great week! I play WWF too, I'm jenfur427 on there if you ever want to look me up. I used to play hubby, but he got bored with it.

    Thanks for linking up!

  2. My first, second and third times camping where on mission trips to Tijuana. Not a fan, and I sure wouldn't do it for fun.

    There were people there who loved camping and couldn't believe I'd reached my 40s having never done it.

    Be careful in the pool please! ;)

  3. I love word games! Also the only thing I regularly beat my husband at. Sadly one of the only games in the world that I can seriously kick butt at is Wheel of Fortune. I don't think that increases my coolness at all.

    And if I tried to dunk in the pool, I would certainly have drowned! But sounds like you had a fun week. I saw you through Jen's linky party and I'm off to explore your blog.



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