Sunshine Cleaning

Have you seen the movie Sunshine Cleaning? I haven’t either, but it’s about 2 sisters that start a crime scene clean up service. I thought it was an appropriate title for this post. I showed off my icky blue bathroom (aka crime scene bathroom) a couple months ago…yes, I lived with it like that for almost 2 months.

Anyway, my mom was here a couple weeks ago and she painted the bathroom while I was at work last Monday. So, why did it take me over a week to show the transformation? Because the new color was hideous!

Misty Summer Day? I think not Glidden! It was a horrible lime/yellow color. So, I went to Home Depot, bought new paint, and re-painted the bathroom this weekend.

Lemon Pearl! It even sounds pretty!
*Side Note: There’s a guy who works in the paint department at Home Depot who is absolutely gorgeous. He also mixed the guest room paint for me. Let’s just say I’m more motivated to buy paint and start painting the rest of the rooms.
Picture time!

After - Fail

After - Win

So, what’s next?
Install a new medicine cabinet (already bought)

Install a new faucet and paint the vanity black

Hang new light fixture (already bought)

Hang my favorite bathroom pictures

Replace the large mirror with a smaller, framed one
And of course a shower curtain!
I can’t wait to finish up and show off the completed room!


  1. Wow...after all that work it looks amazing! I have a really similar bathroom and I was thinking of going a light lime green but no I'm rethinking it!

  2. Heh, laughing at your 'crime scene' bathroom and the hot paint mix guy. Your lemon pearl colour is definitely superior to the other attempt - looking good so far

    Lakota x

  3. I can't wait to see the finish! I think the final color is much better, so nice! I hate when I pick a color and it looks nasty on the walls, but atleast you get to go back to Home Depot and check out the paint guy! :)


  4. My husband wants to paint our bedroom green, and I'm terrified!

    Blog fodder for sure.

    As my dad would say, and since I'm 50 I can get away with it now too, you have some spunk! Love your blog. Your house has great bones, I will enjoy watching it progress!


  5. I like my big mirrors, trying to get the hubs to frame them out...that's next on his list...


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