Jelly Arms

I’m in pain today. These little limbs were not meant for heavy lifting.
Let me start from the beginning: When they dug the swimming pool at my house they spread the dirt throughout the backyard instead of hauling it away. Lazy! And they didn’t even spread it evenly…I’ve got hills in my backyard! So, I decided to hire someone to come level out the yard and haul away the dirt. I finally called yesterday and they had a cancellation, so he could come the next day. I was so excited about having a flat backyard within 24 hours I kind of forgot about a few major things…
Like that all this needed to be moved…

And that I had planned to salvage the scattered river rocks…

So, after work I put on my big girl pants and moved all this:

Into the garage

And gathered up some of the rocks

(Yes, that pile was done by bucket…until I said screw it and bought a wheelbarrow)
Yep, I did it all by myself. It just proves with enough motivation and determination you can do anything…you’ll just pay for it the next day.


  1. That would give you spaghetti arms for sure~!!

  2. I went on three mission trips to Mexico, and on the last trip I did cement work for four days. I can remember feeling your pain. I had never been so tired, so gelatinous, in my life.

  3. Sounds like a crazy stunt I'd pull after a long at work as well. :) Good job!!! I hope you'll show us your yard once it's all done.


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