Bathroom Makeover Progress

The guest bathroom is so close to being finished…I can almost taste it.
(It tastes like paint chips and sweat)
My parents were here over the weekend and we finished up most of the bathroom projects:
·         Install new light fixture
·         Install new medicine cabinet
·         Replace beige light switch/outlets with white ones
·         Hang the towel bar and toilet paper holder
·         Hang shower curtain
·         Install new faucet

I still have to:
·         Finish painting the vanity
·         Paint around the new light fixture (the old one had a larger base)
·         Find a rug
·         Accessorize
Eventually I want to replace the large mirror with a smaller one, but that’s on hold until I find a cheap the perfect mirror.
No finished product yet, but I wanted to give you a preview:

That's the exact same wall as this before picture:


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