The Junk House has a new look!

And new buttons!

Grab one off the sidebar! 

(If you still see the old buttons, don’t worry. Eventually blogger and photobucket will get their shit together and realize there’s a new picture using that name…)
I’m still doing some tweaking, so if things look a little wonky this week, don’t be alarmed. It’s just me blindly fumbling through html codes.
So, what do you think?


  1. Love it, Sam! I am thinking I may need a facelift too sometime!


  2. Nicely done!

    I was thinking about you this morning, wondering "where" you've been. Now I know!

  3. Looking good! I have tried to chnage my look on a few occasions but come to the conclusion that my bare boards blog actually suits me pretty well!

  4. Hi! Found your blog through the charity swap, looks lovely! Look forward to reading your posts. Scarlett x


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