Repair Day

I only worked a half-day today, so I could be home to meet with all the repair guys I have lined up. Right now the DIRECTV guy is hooking up my dish (it’s almost TV time, yeah buddy!) and the window guy just replaced my chipped kitchen window (paid for by the seller). I’m expecting the termite guy any minute. I had scheduled a garage door repair guy, but he had to postpone until tomorrow. It feels so good to be home doing nothing while everyone else is at work…suckers!

I can’t write a post without including at least one picture, so I thought I’d show off my backyard. It’s HUGE! That’s me waaaaay back there. It needs some TLC, but it’ll be pretty sweet one day. 

 My swimming pool:

Don’t mind the leaves…there are even more in there now.

Speaking of leaves, maybe I should get my lazy bum outside and strain them out….


  1. How does your pool not even turn green!? The very first warm-ish day we had and BOOM our pool was green overnight! I envy your crystal clear pool ;)

  2. Love your blog! :) I am your newest follower! I love seeing new transformations! Erin

  3. @Kasey - That picture was taken before I bought the house. I think the seller had a pool company coming by weekly. It's definitely not crystal clear right now. It was stormin' on Monday, so it's a leafy, green mess :(


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